Are you a Professor, a Prophet.or a Star?

Last Update: November 18, 2015

Hi folks...

I recently watched an extremely interesting webinar from a young writer named Jeff Goins.

Jeff built his blog to 100,000 readers/followers and now makes his living as a full time writer in various ways.

One part of the webinar that I found especially interesting was Jeff's contention that there are basically only 5 types of blogging personality (he calls them Platform Personalities)

He named them as:-

  • Journalist
  • Prophet
  • Artist
  • Professor
  • Star

The thought being that all bloggers fall into one of these categories....mainly into one particular category but sometimes also with shades of the others thrown into the mix as well.

The Journalist is basically the sort of blogger/writer who likes to ask questions. He/She may interview people for their blog and ask the questions that will satisfy their own curiosity as well as their readers. The main requirement for being the Journalist is curiosity.

The Prophet is a writer who tells the "dirty" and "ugly" truth about their subject. Basically railing against injustice where they see it. This type requires a basic dissatisfaction with what they see around them and within their sphere of interest.

The Artist requires an "eye for beauty" They try to make their platform/blog a work of beauty in order to open their readers eyes to things that they perhaps haven't noticed before.

The Professor has a "thirst for knowledge" and builds his/her plaform on facts and figures. Always wanting to know how everything works and to let their readers know all they need to know before making their choices.

The Star.....this writer is a charismatic "celebrity" type who attracts readers mostly based on their own likeability and their love of other people.

I found this really interesting because these personality types do seem to cover a lot of the writers I see on-line and a number of the folks I have met on WA as well.

Perhaps you can spot your own blog personality here?

Jeff Goins also stated that, as part of the moudling of your writing style you should decide which of these writers you are going to be. And then you should direct your writing in that direction. He also said that the worst thing you could do would be to go full steam ahead without picking your main "personality" And if you felt it necessary you may need to "major" in one type and "minor" in another.

I would be very interested to hear all your views on this....



P.S. If you want to check Jeff Goins out for yourself....he's at the link below...

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Mark1957 Premium
If anything I'd say I was the Professor type Kevin....I'd like to be an ABC (All Bits Combined) but I can see there are traits there that definitely don't recognise me...............lolsssss!!!
KevinFroude Premium
Hi Mark - great to see you...yes I think the Professor type sums up a lot of the affiliate bootcamp writers are providing reviews of products.....but also the Prophet personality comes into play with the scam reviews.....interesting idea all round....Cheers - Kevin
MPrice Premium
Hi Kevin,
I'm definitely the Professor type. Checked out the site and signed up for the book. Looks like great stuff, thanks!
KevinFroude Premium
Hi Michael....glad you liked it and I do think Jeff Goins is worth following...Cheers - Kevin
Loes Premium
I guess you can place me into the category "Artist" :)
KevinFroude Premium
Or "Star"?....;0)
Loes Premium
Well thank you Kevin ;)
JimPhelps Premium
HI Kevin. Was on that webinar, too. Good stuff - especially the how-to on building a tribe. I'm a journalist with prophet leanings.
KevinFroude Premium
Hi Jim - I agree, and I am not at all surprised that this is something you would find of interest given your background. Did you also catch the Ray Edwards videos about copywriting that I wrote about in an earlier blog?
I think that I may be tending towards the "Professor" personality as I am (ever so slightly) obsessed with how things work.
Many thanks for your comments Jim...
JimPhelps Premium
You bet, Kevin. You're presenting great stuff. I' will check out the CW videos when I get a chance.
vic62 Premium
Reading the above, I guess I would fall in the Prophet/ Professor categories. Will be checking out link
Thank you.
KevinFroude Premium
Thanks for your comment Victoria. If you can get an invite to one of his free webinars I would recommend making use of it. Cheers - Kevin