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Hi Folks Long time no see....Very tied up with my Payroll business at the moment....I hope to be back someday but not sure when....In the meantime I saw this free PDF listing from Kim Roach and thought of you all...It's called "327+ Places to Get Traffic to Your Blog" - it's free but you have to supply an email address....But Kim doesn't overload you with emails and can always unsubscribe at anytime.Hope it's useful (not read it myself as yet) Enjoy...:0)Warmest regardsKevin http:/
Hi Folks I haven't been around much lately because my payroll business is taking up most of my's great that I am getting a lot of business....but slightly irritating as well because it means that I am not getting any free-time to develop my web-site on WA.Oh well, c'est la vie....every cloud as they say....Just thought that all of you writers out there might enjoy this little free video series from Chandler Bolt. In it he describes the methods he uses for writing his books quickly a
Hi folks....Just before Christmas I was reading one of my favourite "bloggists" (if that's not a word then it should be....:0) Bamidele Onilbalusi. the founder of the "Writers in Charge" blog. As the name suggests, this blog is dedicated to aspiring authors and bloggers etc. Bamidele had just turned 22 and, as a thank you to his readers, was offering free access to his products to the 22 folks who could show the most effective use of the advice that he has provided on his blog.Now it just so ha
Hi folks...I thought those of you out there who are either using or considering using LinkedIn to expand the reach of your content - might find the following article of value... comes from Alex Pirouz who is regarded as one of the major influencers on LinkedIn and is the founder of LinkInfluencer....I hope you find it useful...Best Wishes Kevin
Hi Folks I am fairly sure that there are a number of aspiring writer's out there in Wealthy Affiliate land.....budding authors or article writers who want to take their interest to the next level.With that in mind I thought that a recent article from professional writer, Bamidele Onibalusi, the creator of the "Writers in Charge" web-site may be of interest to you all.In this article Bamidele talks about how to set up a professional freelance writer's web-site that can be used to promote your w
Hi folks...I recently watched an extremely interesting webinar from a young writer named Jeff Goins.Jeff built his blog to 100,000 readers/followers and now makes his living as a full time writer in various ways. One part of the webinar that I found especially interesting was Jeff's contention that there are basically only 5 types of blogging personality (he calls them Platform Personalities)He named them as:-JournalistProphetArtistProfessorStar The thought being that all bloggers fall into one
Hi folks I was in conversation with another member of our community the other day, or at least we were exchanging messages through the platform, when he said something that made me think. We had been discussing the niche options that he had been considering. One of these options was for a niche that I would regard as being specialised and quite technical,I said that I thought he should explore this option because there probably wouldn't be too many others who had his levels of experience in tha
The quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson reads....."Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"Seems to be a suitable quotation for all of us here at Wealthy Affiliate....what do you think?Another one from the same gentleman is"The only way to have a friend is to be one"Warm regardsKevin
Are you struggling to find the direction that you want to take your business?Do you wonder if your web-site is "just like everyone else's site"?Are you looking for inspiration?Are you suffering from information overload?Are these questions getting irritating?Thought so......:0)Today's blog is about blogging, or more specifically....bloggers.When you have spent a significant amount of time investigating online business;it's almost inevitable that you will find yourself signing up to other peopl