Hey, I'm Still Here After Two Months!

Last Update: August 10, 2014

Hey, I’m still here after two months, so this must be a good place to be!

Unfortunately, I can’t give WA as much time as I wish because my therapy is getting in the way. However, my recovery is coming along in leaps and bounds, so there’ll be an explosion sometime in the future.

Even with life getting in the way, I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve achieved with everyone’s help. I knew nothing about how websites are created and had no idea what the term affiliate marketing meant. Now, after two months, I’ve built a website that has great rankings with google, I’m looking forward to being a successful affiliate marketer and I’ve got to know many people from diverse places and cultures who are genuine, helpful, unselfish and enthusiastic. A dream working environment!

I’ve spent my time looking over Kyle’s shoulder as he taught me how to build a website and maintain it, with his excellent, plain English delivery. Reading every post and question submitted by those WA members who I follow and, of course, the feedback given by others.

Like my peers, I’m proud of the website I’ve created, proud to be studying with WA and very proud to be part of the WA community. As I become more knowledgeable, I’ll also be very proud to share my freshly gained wisdom with future freshmen.

I plan to carry on with what I’ve been doing for the last two months: Watching the videos, completing every task and absorbing everything those that I follow throw at me. These two months have left me with the confidence that my website will grow into one of the best and eventually produce an income for my future nomadic life.

Love and light to you all.

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benzburg Premium
Great blog and progress Kevin!
Way to go. . . .
SSimpson Premium
Namaste, Kevin.
CarlaIves Premium
Sounds like you're solidly on the road, Kevin! Just keep taking those baby steps.
KevinCR Premium
Thank you Carla! Great encouragement!