Two of my Goals: Mastering WordPress and Aweber:)

Last Update: October 18, 2014

I am working on our website in terms of the Appeal for List building.

Not thinking about products at all at this stage, it is a landing page promoting a Free Newsletter series.

I have just wanted to focus on learning WordPress which I have found very frustrating in the past 5 weeks but I have stuck with it and gone back to lessons, videos and just experimented. People in our WA community have looked at my work and commented which has also really helped.

Not liking anything I first put on the website so I think I am too critical to start but it is so easy to change and update things so it is all positive and I am making progress everyday!

A couple of days went by as my day job was rather hectic - Now for some stepping back and critiquing on whether this new Website has a good feel, does it look like the content will be interesting from DJ's short Video? Will people want to sign up?

Here's hoping!

Challenges like this are great! We hope to be celebrating some new subscribers in the very near future.

Just a few more details to attend to and some things not quite right but not long now!


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KLewis Premium
Hello Kerrie, Great video with lots of great information.I have had Diverticulitis for many years.Not fun.No seeds,No Popcorn,with some other things.Thanks for the help.Ken
kerriet Premium
pleasure Ken - wait until you see some of our blog posts, DJ has written an eBook. I am proud of his achievements.
davyrobot Premium
Hi Kerrie & DJ! -

How are you both!

Well the first thing - I have got to say - watching - DJ's great video is - "What a lovely place - you live in!"

Okay - I have some advice I'd like to share with you both!

I fully understand and - appreciate - what it is you want to accomplish!

I have been online now for over four years - having only join WA - just under three months ago.

I have however - built many 'lists' - in various niches - in that time.

But always using - dedicated 'squeeze pages'!

A 'squeeze page' - sometimes known as a 'landing page' - or even - a 'lead capture page' - are all one - and the same - thing!

A device to capture names and eMail addresses.

More often than not these daysto save time time - people will just request your eMail address -- I'll com back to the 'pros' and 'cons' - of both - later.

Okay - so you maybe asking -- And I hope you are - "How does a dedicated squeeze page - differ - from my Website?"

After all - the intention of both is to collect names and eMail addresses!

That of course - is true!

A dedicated 'squeeze page' - WILL show all of the information - above the 'fold' - "What does - 'above the fold' - mean?"

It means all our information - our Great - eye catching Headline - our video - or Audio - our bullet pointed text - and our 'call to action' - as well as our 'optin form' - can be seen - without - scrolling down the page - or only scrolling a little bit!

"yeah - but I have more or less all of those things on my Website now!"

That's very true you do - and I have got to say - you have done a Great job - considering...

"Considering what?"

That you have used a WordPress (wp) - (Website) - 'Theme' - to create your 'squeeze page'.

"But a 'squeeze page' - has got to be a form of Website too?"

Yes - it is - but it only needs to be a 'one' page - Website!

It will - never be 'indexed' in Google - or the other searh engine - because they do not like 'squeeze pages'!

You WILL have to learn - other ways to drive traffic to them!

"Okay - Mr. Smarty-pants - what should I have done - instead?"

Well firstly - it's all a learning curve -- You don't know - what you don't know - right?

I think your personal - means - to - an - end - is - promoting - this Great storehouse of information - you two guys hold - on this subject!

DJ - mentions in his video - that he hopes - 'we' - the reader - will get a lot from his eBook!

Unfortunately - on signing up - I did not receive - his eBook - but was just redirected back to your Website!

So purly the fact the is no eBook:( - and I doubt - there is a complete follow up series - of eMails too! -- These will be things we can talk about in the future - if you want to - that is.

As I say that's for the future -- Back to today!

We have the option to produce - dedicated 'squeeze pages' - in many ways.

We can create a static Webpage using an HTML Editor - this is the way I do it -- But your be pleased to hear there are much better - andfaster ways of doing it - utilising - the wp - platform!

"You mean using - a 'paid' theme?"

Yes - and NO!

Now when it comes to wp - themes - that we can use - to create dedicated 'squeeze pages'.

I would like to mention two paid themes first - and let me assure you - 'right up front' -- That even though I am a Internet Marketer - I offer you this advice completely FREE!

The links I am about to give you -- ARE NOT affiliate links!

The first 'theme' - I would like to bring to your attention - is:

OptimizePress -

Are you both still with me - Kerrie & DJ?


How for the second - 'paid' - 'theme' - is AMAZING!

Are you ready for this? -- I mean - really - Ready?

Drum roll - Please!

I give you - LeadPages -

Now - let me give you the best FREE - wp - option I know!

Let me introduce you to another - British guy - Andy Phillips!:

Remember to GRAB - Your 7 Part Video Tutorial Series Absolutely FREE!

Okay - I have taken up - enough of you time -- Please think about what I have said today.

And please look through everything - and - please - please don't think I am just dismissing your Website - out of hand -- I just want to help you - as I have been helped - by others over the years!

Please let me know which route you that!

** Have a Great Weekend - Kerrie & DJ! **


And remember Rome wasn't built in a day...but they were laying bricks everyday!
kerriet Premium
Hi David
Thank you very much. Yes we live in a place that is a little bit of paradise!

I have gone "too far and not far enough" with this landing page it seems. Plus not used the best theme. I learned a little about Optimise Press from Chris Farrell - some free sessions before I joined WA. A friend also mentioned it but until you get a product that you create and that someone critiques for you - you really don't know which way to go or what you are doing.

We appreciate very much your Critque.

We have another domain a .com -
I have been working on the content for that now since joining WA. It has a shop because of DJ's eBook and I have some select Amazon products to sell. But I am stuck on how to put them on the shop.... Another learning curve. We have also sourced a great eBook from Click bank we have bought and read and keen to be affiliate for - does this sound too ambitious to you?

This video I used is not right - thanks. We created it for the eBook which we plan to sell (it is not free hence we created Newsletters to be a FREE Gift)

We have had the eBook ready for a couple of months whilst I learned the best way to create a website. We had the eBook professionally edited but it is DJ's work and for the Healthy Bowel niche very real. He hopes it sells but then he is more pragmatic about this one than me and if it doesn't he is happy to move onto to something else.

So for the moment I see we have some options
1. the .com domain website to get organic traffic - not far off going live now ( I got lots of great help from the WA course level 1 and 2)

2. the .net domain possibly for the Landing page and other traffic generating methods - I will learn the new

3. review Optimise Press and Lead Pages

4. Learn from WA's video marketing course how to do this (I think DJ will be great on video)

5. make a decision about the Squeeze page option

6. Do I scrap this website altogether or re-use in some way?

Is it possible to use this domain with your wordpress-landingpage option?
I will do the tutorials.

We will do a new video talking about the Free Newsletters. I have to work out a Download Page and Thank you Page I think.

DJ has plans to do some more Videos on different topics which will be part of our blog posts to get traffic but I am yet to do the WA video marketing training so we will improve I promise.

I will back in touch David and thank you from both of us. I believe you have saved me months of disappointing results from this Landing page.

Kerrie and DJ
davyrobot Premium
Hi Kerrie & DJ!

How are you both today?

First off - I am so pleased you mentioned the 'Master' - himself - Chris Farrell!

When it comes to build a business - using an - 'eMail list' - there is no better man to teach you!

I should know I have been a memember of his - memembership ship - since - May 2010!

Let's go through your points -- If I miss something - just message me again!


1. The .com - site - you mentioned - organic traffic - I think you are right to take the - 'belt and braces' - approach!

However - keep that - as you have done - promoting the 'newsletter'!

Talking of the newsletter - how is the eMail - followup series attached to this looking? -- Number of eMail?

Now one change - I would make to the Website - is - get rid of the 'tabs' - showing - left and right - of the sceen.

Let me show you how to do that in this quick video:

** Thi will leave that with e snippet you need to use **

<iframe src="//" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

2. You -- This will be perfect for your 'squeeze page'.

Remember we won't be using any SEO - to drive traffic to this page.

We will be using other methods - like our mailing list!

3. Your love them - if you are like me - you will like LeadPages - best!

But they really are both great!

4. I think your right - he did an excellent job in the video I have seen!

5. Okay - I will leave the upto you two!

6. The FIRST thing you should - do - right now - is get over to - and BUY -- It's currently only - AUD 3.66!!!!!

** Please see 1. - above! **

*** One quick question - you research has indicated the is a market for this right? ***

Speak to you both soon!

** Have a Great Productive Day - Kerrie & DJ! **


And remember Rome wasn't built in a day...but they were laying bricks everyday!
kerriet Premium
Hi David
Thank you very much for your help to us.

Good News- I have bought .info at Crazy Domains (we use the Aussie co) for $2 - woohoo (thanks for the tip)

I have edited the Video - it was great to get the walk through as I had no idea how to fix it until you showed me

I am half way through Jay's video Class here at WA on Landing pages and have been thinking I wanted us to join Chris Farrell as well - you have convinced us. It was from his intro lessons on choosing a Super Niche that we decided to start and focus on Diverticulitis and IBS. Common Digestive Disorders comes up very well in WA keyword criteria. (we haven't bought Jaxxy as yet) but we followed the lessons here at WA carefully on this and have close to 100 Key words to use for Article Posts.

I have 4 Newsletters done and DJ has done about 14 post articles ready (on our .com site).

I have started the email Follow Up series in Aweber for the Newsletter. I have drafted 3 emails but they need more copy and DJ will critique with fresh eyes!

You have a great day too!

I am off to cook dinner and then back to our websites :)

CarlaIves Premium
WordPress makes more sense the deeper you get into it. LOL It threw me at first, too, but it sort of grew on me. . . very gradually. :) I have to attack Aweber, too. If I come up with any tips, I'll post them!
kholmes Premium
That's great to hear Kerrie, you will get the WordPress more and more just keep at it! Good luck!
Shawn Martin Premium
A great resource for WordPress is
be sure to sign up for the mailing list.
kerriet Premium
thanks Shawn - a great tip for me