This is what have I achieved so far, in one month!

Last Update: September 12, 2014

To all my friends and followers out there, my apologies if I have been a bit quiet and not responding to posts, comments and questions. I have had a busy few days with my J.O.B. trying to earn enough money to pay the bills but most importantly to earn enough for our short break to fly across Australia to my Mum's 90th birthday party!

The decision had to be made

So 30 days down the track and what have I achieved?

Well firstly, it became apparent very early on that I just had to become a Premium member so I did, and boy am I glad I did! The free training on the starter membership was really good but it just gives you a taste. You know what I mean, "this is great but I want more"!

So Premium it is

Once into Premium membership so many more doors are open to you:

  • Unlimited premium domain websites and web hosting
  • Premium training courses 2 through 6
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • 7 days per week personal support
  • and my favourite, 4 live video trainings/month

Anyway, I am quite pleased with myself getting through the first two levels of training in 1 month. I realise it isn't a race but my time is limited due to a J.O.B. and a family and other interests that keep me busy. So I fit in WA when I can. I try to do a few hours a day but that doesn't always happen, but I try to at least make progress every 2-3 days and that works fine for me.

Slow progress? But progress!

I always knew it was not going to be overnight success. I knew it would take some time to get the hang of it all before I could even start building a list and then even longer to see the first dollars rolling in. I am hoping the dollars will start rolling in long before my first 6 months is up or I am sure I will start to lose the faith.

So what have I achieved so far?

  • I have found what I think is a reasonable niche
  • I have built my first Wordpress site in WA
  • I have created pages and posts and started to get comments
  • I have learnt heaps
  • But, most importantly, I have joined a fantastic community of like minded people who are there for me, who have done it all before or are doing it with me

The Community

What can you say about the WA community? It is big. It is active. It is supportive and motivational. But I think most importantly it is made up of people with similar hopes, dreams and aspirations to mine. People who can understand what I am trying to achieve. People who offer me support rather than trying to drag me down. People who tell me "yes, you can do this" rather than "give up, you are wasting your time".

What's next

OK, that's enough of the touchy feely stuff and the metaphorical back slapping, high fives and hugs! What is next?

More of Kyle's and Carson's amazing training and insights. Bring it on!

I am also getting the hang of the WA site now and starting to find my way around. Still finding the Classrooms confusing and I think a search option is required to enable us to find things easier (Kyle? Carson?)!

I am using Blogs and comments. I have dabbled in Live Chat but not much so far. I have made many friends already.

For me the next steps are to continue with the training modules and get my website up to scratch and building a list.

Then I will look at the Affiliate Boot Camp as I think by then I will be qualified to sell WA.

Then I think it will be time to start improving my Rank by adding some training and answering a few questions from other WA members.

So moving forward I want to get my list building started then I want to start monetising the site.

I also intend building on my list of WA friends and developing the friendships further. The WA community is what makes it unique and what makes it work.

To the WA community: it has been a great journey so far and I look forward to exploring the world of Internet Marketing with you all into the future.

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You are making fantastic progress, Keith! It only gets better.
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