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As Wealthy Affiliate newbies, we are often found scratching our heads puzzling about -- what the heck is a niche? ... how do you pronounce that word 'niche?' .... is it anything like a bird's nest? ...

Let's all laugh out loud together!

Well, on a more serious note, ya know, be a lil' more biz-like, actually, a business market niche can be defined as:more of a subset of a specific or certain part of the market economy in which a particular product or specific service is highly focused with its own segment of the population demographics, price ranges, features, options or its own various peculiarities or what I would like to say, it's very own 'specialness!' ... It is also considered a very small, focused segment within the marketplace as a whole. Wasn't all that a big mouthful to swallow?!

Now that the definition is out of the way -- let's proceed onward to the more interesting stuff!

What are considered the top selling niches or best money makers on the on-line market today?

Many varied answers exist in reply to this question -- and frankly, powered up niches are really based upon naturally occurring human needs and wants ... it's as fundamental as that ....

Simply ask yourself -- what do people need or have issues with that I can help to solve? ...

... what do people want that I can help to supply? ...

And as Zig Ziglar has been oft-quoted as saying -- "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." ........

While some may think that the seemingly larger niche areas are too competitive to bust into --- think again --- that's where there are economies of scale and all you need is a very tiny sliver of all the daily traffic that goes by each and every day and ongoing .... that's what your niche website can help you do in generating interest through your quality content and in engaging your selected audience ...

Well here goes: (no particular order -- just off the top of my mind) ...

Did you know that most people are quite concerned about their personal health and level of fitness? ... yes, Bingo! ...

A. The health & fitness niche area are tops!
.... did you know that people's physical body image is top of mind for many and that's why this area is so hugely of interest.... diets of all kinds, weight loss, Kyle discusses losing belly fat, fitness clothing lines, fitness classes, nutrition, running gear, gym gear, gyms, fitness coaching, certifications, exercise equipment, activities, clubs, and on it goes ... just pick one!

B. Pet lovers .... everyone loves their furry friends at home .... so much care, food, exercise, clothing, toys, chewies, health, grooming, grooming kits and accessories, training, training apparatus, boarding, pet telepathy, and on it goes ... to the moon and back ....

C. Natural health information & products, supplements -- this has become a billion dollar industry and climbing ... this is the 'alternative' medicinal health area where one uses 'natural' versus the 'traditional' big pharma medicine in practice of today .... there are trust and confidence issues that are driving more and more people to adopt 'natural health' measures and taking greater responsibility in 'self-care' versus 'prescribed' body systems care .... this will only continue as more interest and investment goes into this niche ... enjoy a good look around -- there are 'natural' health food and products stores popping up more and more .. .

D. Personal finance issues -- I wrote a blog on this sometime back and realized that we transact many times daily in the simple purchases we make from getting a coffee or lunch or filling the gas tank or taking a bus, train, plane, boat .... everyone can use better personal money management .... and this is something we are all very familiar with and perhaps take it for granted? .... only you know what's happening with your pocketbook ... :)

E. Personal relationships / dating? ... human to human relationships are very complex and it's a tricky business -- that's why many seek advice, buy books, attend courses / seminars, how to dress, what to wear, what to say, what to do, how to say it, et al ... all on how to improve their lives through better relationships ... also, dating is huge as most just don't know of how to go about it -- the ol' who does what and of how the different roles might be defined ... so individually based ... and as it's been said, 'all's fair in love and war!' ...

F. Beauty
--- the cosmetics industry is humongous and still growing -- most want to look younger with smoother, wrinkle-free complexions, smell nicer, there's huge opportunity with products .... next time you get a chance -- have a look at how many aisles of cosmetics are on display and available for purchase ... lots to blog on here in this niche ...

G. Self-improvement/development niche
-- this is truly a growth area and I believe it's exponential! ... and you know why? ... it's all about investment in YOU! ... this is one area that will exist until the end of time ... by the time we all self-actualize! ... brain health information & supplements, meditation sessions, books, clinics, yoga, communication skills such as listening skills, writing skills, public speaking skills, presentation skills, pretty much everything and anything to do with YOU!

Hopefully, this post will have given you plenty of fuel to get going on something of interest to you that you can work on happily to Success!

It is vital for you to find a niche that is pleasurable for you to work on for an extended period of time and to scale your on-line biz upward!

Best wishes to you for everything good in life!

Thanks kindly for reading this post this far today ...

Kindly do remember to click 'you like this' as you breeze back into the amazing WA roadway to biz success onward, upward!

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JKulk1 Premium
More great niche information.. Jim
keishalina9 Premium
*** hi Jim --- there's a ge-zillion topics of interest -- it helps to find out what the marketplace is interested in ... cheerio .. :) ***
Joes946 Premium
You always comes up with the best ideas! You did it again.
Great suggestions.
keishalina9 Premium
*** well, i find by writing about things, it helps to clear out the fuzzies for me ... so after researching / reading / synthesizing, then, it just flows like a babbly brook ... lol ....

... thanks kindly for strolling by here -- cheerio ... :) ***
EdwinBernard Premium
Give people what they want. Great idea. But first we need to find out what people want. And that requires research which is half the fun!

One of my problems is I start writing before doing any research. When I get stuck, I make feeble attempts to research my way out.

A far better way is to conduct the research first before starting to write.

Thanks for stirring up my mind on the subject of neesh. Or is it nich! Just kidding ha. Niche is however we want to pronounce it.


keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Edwin! ... WAht a delight to see you here today!

Yes, it's likely smart to check out the market first as well before a serious, full-throttle launch on a new niche ... it needs to be needed by people, right?! ...

Appreciate your very insightful commentary ... and guess WAht?

YOU WiN for being an early responder to the blog rescue here>


Gold stars + medal special >> ⭐️🥇⭐️ ! ... virtual .. lol ...

Thanks so much for your fulsome reply, cheerio ... :)
Jaspar8 Premium
Thank you for some wonderful insight, being a newbie (which I am) can be overwhelming at first and trying to focus on a niche seems so far away, BUT posts like this slowly get the mind starting to narrow it down, gain clarity and get closer to what direction I will go.
Thanks again and great post.

keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Jason & a big warm welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

Yes, there's so many possibilities and so many interesting topics to choose from to work on in building your niche site -- however, of course, it's best to select a subject area that you know well enough to confidently blog on ad nauseum about over a pretty lengthy period to scale your biz ... and it's all ok to repeat, rinse, repeat ... that's how success is built!

.... and YOU WiN also for being an early responder to the blog rescue here today! ... lol ... virtual !

Gold stars + medal special for you >> ⭐️🥇⭐️ !

Enjoy it all!

All the very best to you for every Success, cheerio ... :)
Jaspar8 Premium
Thank you 😁😁😁
Jules73 Premium
Great post Keisha, I did chuckle at the "niche" pronunciation part, so true (pesky silent 'e's)

There is certainly plenty of food for thought here, I'm more of the G variety and I am so very grateful that I am passionate about my niche as it makes writing about it so much easier.

Thanks again, Julie Anne
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Julie Anne --- lovely, lovely to see you here today!

... and guess WAht?!

... YOU WiN 1st Prize! ... for being the 1st responder to the blog rescue here >>

Gold stars + trophy special for you > ⭐️🏆⭐️ ! virtual ... lol ...

Enjoy it all!

Thanks so much for your very thoughtful reply -- much appreciated! ... :)