LinkedIn Marketing Could Take YOU to Vegas!

Last Update: September 02, 2015

Okay, so we are all aware by now that just like last year Kyle and Carson have announced that we need only "100 New Premium PAYING Account Holders" added to our network in order for us to make the cut for the Vegas trip this. Right?

But, let's assume for a second that blogging everyday on our websites from Sept 1st to Dec 31st doesn't quite cut it or gives us the numbers that you are looking for to make this trip. Is there an alternative that you could use? Should you focus on blogging only? Should you turn to the Social Media platforms as opposed to merely relying on Google's searching optimization for your 100 New Premium PAYING Account Holders?

These are just a few simple questions and here are the few s i m p l e answers.

Let's FULLY dive in!

Take Your WA Profile SERIOUSLY!!!

Using My "WA Profile" for illustration purposes!

1. Use what you have till you get what YOU need:

But what is it that you have? Great question. I'm glad you asked! You see this pic of Keane above. Yes? Awesome! Why awesome? Well, awesome primarily because Kyle and Carson have given us the "ability" to create amazing profiles - HUGE SELLING POINTS - each and everyone of us is the access to WA; with the capability of creating professional looking website through the aid of WORLD CLASS training materials at our very disposal. But, is this all they gave us? Simple answer: "NO!"

Grow Your Following!!!

Using My "LinkedIn Profile" for illustration purposes!

2. Growing Your Following:

Now why this bit so crucial? Well for one thing, for those of us that are serious about this year's Vegas trip, then my guess is that's a good place to start.

For this section, the point that I want us to all grasp is this... "Growing your following on LinkedIn - regardless of a free account or not - is very important." Read that again s l o w l y! Finish? Sweet!

Note: This is for those of us that have struggled with Google+ and Facebook Marketing and are simply looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, I reckon "LinkedIn Marketing" could be it.

"START" a Conversation!

Theses templates below are generic so you can use them and edit them accordingly to suit you and your marketing needs.

Template 1: "Your Invitation to PROSPECTS"

Template 2: "A Thank YOU Message to Your New CONNECTION"

Update: Remember to add your "Affiliate Links" in your messages; somewhere after your name in the "Close convo" section. Can use " or" to shorten of WA links for effective. Plus, it looks cleaner and more presentable in your messages.

"What Do I Promote - My Website Isn't Finished?"

So, you website isn't quite complete yet; but you have access to the "WA Affiliate Links." Could you promote these Standard Pages instead and still be able to get a few sign ups? Simple answer, "YES!"

Remember guys, those 100 Sales aren't simply based on the sign ups you can get through your website. They are based on them ENTERING WA THROUGH YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS; REGARDLESS ON THEM BEING ON YOUR WEBSITE OR NOT (e.g. WA's Standard Affiliate Links).

You got 100 Premium Paying Sign Ups through your website?! Awesome!

You got 100 Premium Paying Sign Ups through your WA Affiliate Links?! Awesome!

Fact: "You got 100 Premium Paying Signs Ups!"

Think a minute! Finish? Great... "What's your aim here?" If it's really to get to Vegas then I say, "strategic planning and proper preparations are the MOST effective ways of getting you there." Read again s l o w l y!

In short, "Have a PLAN in place and STICK TO IT."

My guess is, many of you needed this motivation; hence my timing the time tonight to prepare it. You're welchy! :-]

REMEMBER ALWAYS AND ALWAYS REMEMBER... "Go as far as you can see - in your Marketing Strategies for your Vegas Trip preparations. When you get there - mentally everything will become clearer - you'll be able to see farther."

~ Zig Ziglar

From the Creator of "To making friend while...

building new bridges,"

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CherylK Premium
Great post, Keane...I haven't been on LinkedIn for months for a myriad of reasons, mostly because I didn't think I belonged. I will rethink that!
Keane Premium
There she is! The "One and only, Cheryl" :-] And why thank you Cheryl. I am grateful for the kind words and for your being here too.

Oh, and trust me Cheryl. You most welcome certainly belong there just as much as anyone else (plus, it's a free for all platform).

And yes, you can rethink joining because it may help your conversions or "get you the clients that are interested you and your services."

Thanks for being AWESOME in your visiting!
Your #1 FAN,
CherylK Premium
You are silly....but that's a good thing! I like your upbeat's infectious. :-)
Keane Premium
Why thank you Cheryl. Your saying that means a lot to me... :-] :-]

Hope you have a GREAT evening!
PSenwelo Premium
Keane you are loaded. Thanks very much. I will make sure I read this over and over again until I understand the process. No no no , its not you my dear. You are very loud and clear its me who still has to catch this techie plane.
Keane Premium
Hey Patricia! How's it going? I hope you are doing really really well and in great health and wellness.

And why thank you Patricia. Those words are really thoughtful of you. I'm humbled by your saying them too.

Also, I am happy to know that - I was clear - you found "value" here; so thanks for stopping by:-]

Keep shining brightly...
as always Patricia,

Your #1 FAN,
RoopeshG Premium
Shew Now I am even more excited cause I was concentrating on my pesonal website that I have hardly touched bootcamp.Def.gonna give the linkedin a shot.Thanks Keane for your efforts.
Keane Premium
Hey Roopesh! How's it going my friend? Oh, and you should be excited Roopesh; this is great opportunity bestowed upon all of us by Kyle and Carson.

Your are most welcome my friend (anytime). I am extremely delighted to know that this post was of so much "value" to you.

Thanks again for the great visit!

Best as always to you Roopesh,
Your #1 FAN,
SheilaN3 Premium
I need to get busy using and connecting with people with my linkedin profile. Thanks for sharing.
Keane Premium
Hey "Queen Sheila" :-] thanks for stopping by. Oh, and anytime Sheila. It was my pleasure to be of service where sharing and support here in concerned.

Do me a favor: "Remains forever AWESOME!"
Thanks as always - Your #1 FAN,
steveo5770 Premium
Okay, you've convinced me to at least take a look at Linkedin. and maybe focus a bit more on social media. Nice contribution as usual my friend :)
Keane Premium
Look Keane! The Emperor is here ... "It's Emperor Steve". Hey Steve, thanks for stopping by my dear friend.

I figured a few good people could use that some insight into this all powerful Social Media platform.

So, I took the plunge in creating this article, since time is really against many of us where the deadline for Vegas is concerned.

Thanks for taking the time to read!
Your dear friend & #1 FAN,