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Tired of remaining in the sea of sameness? Want to finally stand out from your competitors for a change?If yes, then implement these few smart strategies to up your marketing game for 2018:1) Start Re-marketing on Social Media2) Use Your Best Converting Ad Copy in Social Media Campaigns3) Narrow Your Targeting to Boost Engagement and Reduce Costs4) Layer Your Targeting Options5) Don't be TOO Granular with Social Audiences6) Monitor Ad Performance Closely to Keep Campaigns Fresh7) Use In-Market
Hey Lovely People (Yes, YOU)!Now, I know that everyone here is pretty busy, especially myself, but I just wanted to quickly create this post for you guys, as an update for detailed training on "How to Improve Your Site Engagement Using Free Offers", that I'll be doing just for YOU. New Marketing Funnel Look for My Site, 2015-2016!These may include: eGuides, eReports and Cheatsheets, etc and etc. "You get the idea." Here are a few examples below (so, enjoy):Example 2:Example 3:Now, I did design
Hello My Lovely People's (Yes, YOU)! :-] :-] :-]Please kindly help me to welcome a new member - Bryce: - to our lovely establishment.Thanks for taking the time to stop by and support him!Love of love & even bigger HUGS!Keane
Okay, so we are all aware by now that just like last year Kyle and Carson have announced that we need only "100 New Premium PAYING Account Holders" added to our network in order for us to make the cut for the Vegas trip this. Right?But, let's assume for a second that blogging everyday on our websites from Sept 1st to Dec 31st doesn't quite cut it or gives us the numbers that you are looking for to make this trip. Is there an alternative that you could use? Should you focus on blogging only? Sho
Hey Lovely Peeps! :-D So, I was working on this post below: "The Balboa Effect, the Rocky in Me," when it dawned on me that a few days back I had discovered a new (well, not new...but you get the idea) designer tool while I was doing some training for a plugin I recently purchased, by the name of Thrive Content Builder. Oh, and please feel free to Google it, cause it's an AWESOME tool to have.Now, let's jump in! Edited Using PhotoshopLooks pretty clean and simple rig
Hello lovely people... yeah, YOU :-]! I know, I know! You're due for a few articles from me! Right now, I'm guessing that you probably have a few questions too. For instance like... "where have you been Keane?" Ans: Everywhere and nowhere! Everywhere, because that's where your online journey can take you, opening new doors while painting the old ones. But why nowhere? Well, I never left period! I was always here, you know, popping in and out whenever I can.For you, if you're losing hope or havin
Hello My Lovely People (yeah, YOU)! :-) Now, I just want to say to everyone that I missed YOU all. Yes, really really! Sorry for my not being so active here these past couple weeks but, I did spend some time last night following up with some of your emails etc., and saying hello to some of you guys. 2014 wasn't a good year for YOU? Don't worry! Just make up for lost times with a P.L.A.N. (Proper Layout of ALL your business Necessities) this... Let's REALLY get the ball rolling this
So, I've been away for a while now and over the past couple weeks a few things came to mind. And yes, you've guessed it. The very title to this article was DEFINITELY one of them: "running an online business is no joke." People may think that because you don't have an Internet Marketing Certificate (like a college degree or a diploma) to prove that you are an internet marketer, entrepreneur or business owner, that YOU should not be taken seriously. If that's the case, then this article is goi
I know! You're here for the inside scoop huh? Lol. Awesome! Why? It's awesome because I'm happy to have YOU here. Tonight or today, depending on your neck of the woods - I'll be sharing with YOU a little on what made my birthday really special this year. Ready to know what it is? Great! Let's get started! How My Day Went To be honest. It was GREAT! I got a lot of well wishes, lots of gifts and I writing this blog post now at 11:08 pm because I pretty much just got in from an event that went wel
From time to time, you hear me mention Kyle & Carson in many of my articles and some of you might be thinking that "maan, Keane is really obsessed with these two guys" or "I wonder if he has any friends", or "Oh, I know, maybe it's because he only knows two people." Hmmm, I wonder! Lol. Let's really begin!"It's Our Near Wins that PUSH Us Forward" Sarah Lewis's "Embrace the near win" on In all honesty, I mention these two gentlemen because: I truly admire and respect them