How's Your Blob Coming?

Last Update: March 08, 2017

So... I have been busily and steadily working on my website, conducting keyword searches, writing, tweaking, polishing, and etc. I even created my very first--EVER video and have added it to a recent post.

I'm sharing across social media; I'm offering and asking for site comments. I'm going over Jay's principles with a fine tooth comb and applying his suggestions as best as I am able. I'm doing all the things one would think are necessary to achieve ranking in Google.

Still, I am nowhere to be found. Well, that's not exactly the truth. Google has found me because I have been indexed; however you won't find me on the first, second, or even the 50th or 100th pages because Google hasn't put me there yet.

Often, I share my frustration and discouragement with my husband, who is my biggest and most loyal fan. He shares my posts across all his social media sites, and brags about my recipes to all his friends.

Have you guessed my website has something to do with cooking? He's a trooper, don't you know? He's my guinea pig; he tries each and every recipe I create. Sometimes he gives me ideas, and he even takes some of my photos. He always helps me test the products I review, and he's around to lend a helping hand with the clean-up too.

Tonight, I discovered he's even been paying attention to the walk-through videos and live seminars because he began offering me advice and encouragement based on what he's heard or what I have read to him. I was listening, but not fully because I was too busy doubting myself to give his words full attention.

Knowing I wasn't giving him my full attention, my wise husband and best friend, gently turned my chair so I could look into his big, beautiful, kind, blue eyes, and with all the sincerity and love anyone could give, he said to me,

"Kath, I know you can do this. Be patient. Be persistent. Keep doing what they tell you. And above all, keep blobbing."

Snicker, giggle, huge belly laugh from me. "Keep blobbing!" Snort, hysterical laughter...

His encouraging words hit their mark; because after I was able to gain my composure, I turned around and typed this blob. Snicker, giggle, giggle...

Dear friends, I'll leave you with my husband's wise words:

"I know you can do this. Be patient. Be persistent. Keep doing what they tell you. And above all, keep blobbing."

Happy Blobbing Everyone!


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DebbieLewis Premium
Love this Kathy - put a big smile on my face ❤️
cosmicradio Premium
Great post, Kathy! The headline caught my eye (Being a Blob fan!), and the personal story was funny and engaging. Hold onto your hubby-He sounds like a great guy! :)
Massagearroo Premium
Great post !!
phyllpascoe Premium
Love it! And he's a keeper!
vg9 Premium