Have you seen any good one page websites examples lately?

Last Update: June 15, 2019

I'm looking for some good one page websites examples...

Can you help?

It's time to spring clean our motel website, and I've decided to flip everything on it's head and go with a single page website.

Crazy huh!?

Before you freak out on me completely and tell me that I need to crank out content to improve the SEO rankings for my site... I need to let you know that I'm not using the website for any affiliate marketing, it's just for people to book rooms at our motel.

And after a lot of pondering on whether to go large or keep it small, we have decided to try a completely new strategy for the next twelve months.

Learn the unique sales cycle for your niche business

This is critical if you are ever going to convert your potential customers into actual sales.

Working out where your customers are hanging out before they decide to buy, when they are researching options, and where they go when they are ready to buy, is super important. Fortunately WA covers this kind of information in depth in their training.

Looking at our accommodation business, we have analysed our past guests and have a fairly good idea of the demograph of our 'perfect customer.'

So the sales cycle for our customers, could look like this:

  • Phase One: low product awareness & curiousity (eg: they are not even actively thinking about coming to our region)
  • Phase Two: moderate awareness (actively looking for things to do in the area and itinerary planning)
  • Phase Three: high awareness and engagement (they are ready to book)

Working out where our customers are hanging out through all three phases, is super important and that's why things like social media play such a huge role for a business like ours.

Have you found this to be the case for your business?

Our website is all about Phase Three - ready to buy.

I've realised that our website is NOT where customers are going to be when they are in Phase One or even Phase two of the sales process for this business. In fact, the only time they are really going to interact with our website in any meaningful way, is probably when they are ready to book.

With this in mind, I'm revamping our social engagement strategy for Phase one and two, the emphasis here will be curiousity building on social media and also building an email list.

Enter... the one page website...

When our customers are ready to book accommodation, that's when they'll jump onto booking.com expedia or google maps. We need to have a website so that we can offer direct bookings which is better for us and better for our customer (costs them less).

We don't need a ton of content for customers to wade through. Sure it needs the essentials, but our plan is to create a simple one page site that's all geared up for Phase Three of the sales cycle. The bookings!

I'm super excited about implementing this marketing strategy for the next twelve months and will happily share the results with my fellow WA peeps here in my blog updates. But right now, I could really do with your input.

Have you seen any good one page websites examples lately?

Reminder: Please DON'T share actual links here in the comments, (this is against the rules of blogging on here)

Please DO SHARE your feedback about what makes a great single page website...

  • what did you like about it?
  • what essential elements did it have?
  • what wordpress theme would you recommend (if you've created something similar)

As always, thanks in advance for your feedback, I am looking forward to hearing from you with your comments and ideas.

Happy Sunday, Cheers, Karen

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sdawson Premium
Actually its against the rules to share our OWN links, not just links.
kdforsman Premium
I think it's 'affiliate links' eg: we are not to profit from our fellow members. :)
Labman Premium Plus
Parallax is usually a good thing to make it visually appealing
Create sections instead of post/pages.
Dot navigation to move down the page.
directional arrows to keep the flow moving.

Make sure the page is Mobile friendly!!!!!

Visual appeal is even more important.
Spend some serious time with your copyrighting to break your content into focused concepts that get the word out with a minimum of verbiage.
kdforsman Premium
Thanks for this. It's slowly taking shape. I need to engage the services of my computer savvy son to do the final tidy up for me, but I'm pretty happy with how things are coming along since we last talked :)
phakacha8 Premium
Hey Karen, after such a long gap... thou slid through WA playground.
I wish I booked your motel.

Your single page website should consist of an actual screenshot and an exhilarating phraseology.

Will this impress you?
PM me for the URL
kdforsman Premium
Hi there... yes life has a funny way of getting busy! But I'm still here and I check in with the WA community from time to time... I'm just lurking silently in the background LOL.

Thanks for that. Yes the photos are really important. We've booked a photographer to come this week to get some up to date pics...

BradB18 Premium
Hi Karen,

You can use free Elementor templates. There are plenty of free one's you can interact with and add on to make a single page.

Here is one example. You can install the Elementor plugin to view all free templates and the example I sent is the first one on their list. If you have any hassles just give me a yell.
kdforsman Premium
Brilliant. Thank you so much for the suggestion Brad.
I'll definitely check it out.
Cheers, Karen