Yay got Google adsense approved!

Last Update: July 18, 2017

This morning when I went to check out my email, I was really elated when I saw that Google Adsense has accepted me to their program!

This was very actually quite weird to me because I actually received an email of disapproval a few days ago and I did not apply again. (Was planning on a later date to apply again) However, somehow, the success email came in, so felt quite fishy to me. Has anyone faced this?

My website is currently about 3 months + old but I do not spend much time as compared to some of you, of about 1-2 hours every day because I am a full-time student and I do not want my studies to fall behind because of this and hence I am not prioritising it now.

Having said that, Adsense may not be entirely a good thing as it has the potential of driving away sales which I am aware of but the idea of being able to experiment with it is really exciting!

For those of you, a tip I would give is to give it a little time for Google to treat your site as mature (2 months min.) and you should also have a considerable amount of traffic (maybe 30+ per day?) and this goes without saying but you need to have quality content that people will want to read and helps them!

And even if you get rejected, don't be afraid to apply again once you think you have a mature and rich content site! I applied 5 times before this, so don't be scared!

Just wanted to share my achievements with you guys and also in the future when I look back when complications arise and I lack motivation, I would look back at this to encourage myself.

Anyways, thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!

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accad Premium
WarrenK1 Premium
Way to go! Congratulations !

abdul11 Premium
well done
Loes Premium
Congrats! I hope Adsense will bring in some money for you:)
LunaVC Premium
This is a good thing! Congratulations