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A lot of times most people will think: "I just want to do what I love".That's what society have ingrained in our thoughts.And if you think about it, it's very much self centered.And self-centeredness doesn't benefit us as much as we like to because we're not producing value. And we have to understand value = profit and revenue.So instead of asking "What should I do that's fun for me?", ask instead, "How do I create value and benefit others?" Bringing back to context.Don't find a niche purely b
November 29, 2017
Hi guys, how are you guys doing? It's been some time since I have blogged because I was really busy both in school and creating content for my site!Recently (few weeks ago), I have communicated with an online retail store because my niche is related to what they are selling (action gadgets and electronics), they have invited me to join their affiliate program and things just started getting better as I racked up some sales and gave a good first impression!Anyways, fast forward the day before ye
It has been a long time since I blogged because really busy with school and my little niche website on action cameras and finally I have a little bit of time to spare to blog this!I just got an email today from google adsense giving me a $75 credit to be used for adwords. I have no clue as to how I got it but I'm really excited and grateful for this! Does anyone know why? I think it's probably because I got enrolled in adsense but not adwords and that's why they are encouraging me to sign up fo
This morning when I went to check out my email, I was really elated when I saw that Google Adsense has accepted me to their program! This was very actually quite weird to me because I actually received an email of disapproval a few days ago and I did not apply again. (Was planning on a later date to apply again) However, somehow, the success email came in, so felt quite fishy to me. Has anyone faced this?My website is currently about 3 months + old but I do not spend much time as compared to so
Just a thought that came out my mind. Is there a possibility that in time to come, we would all have high competition keywords only as all the low competition keywords are used and all this trainings becomes invalid? What are your opinions on this? Do you think it would happen and if yes, what can we do then? Really looking forward to your reply!
So it has been about what, almost 3 months, (how i know i am not 3 months in WA is cos I can't make trainings yet :P) but these 3 months has been filled with ups and downs, doubts and triumph. Although there were many times that I failed like giving up (you know when you get no results), its a human trait of instant gratification(so don't judge me) but most importantly, whenever I felt like giving up, I did not. (which you shouldn't either)Notice I did not say sale because it wasn't a sale of t
Hi today I am going to discuss how I got through and convinced an affiliate program to get a product to review for free with like only 1 sale, mine. If you have followed me closely enough, you would have realised that my niche (first and so far, only) is on action cameras, you know like GoPros, etc and I have written tutorials, guides and reviews on them.So far, before this incident, I have only reviewed cameras based on collating every information I can get online about the camera (opinions, q
I have used the message system in WA and I have to honestly say it isn't very good. The main reason that I said this is because you will notice that the speed and refresh rate of the messages are really slow. One conversation that can take about a min on social media ends up taking half an hour on WA. I can confidently say this because it has happened to everyone that I have met so far and even if we are trying to communicate, it takes about a minute or so for the other party to recieve and it
Oftentimes, I am not often confused as to whether I should start more websites so that they can get mature together but doing so may be overwhelming and result in you neglecting something. My philosophy in this is for beginners, try making one and making a good one. Once you kind of settled down, your website is a little mature and you get more experienced then that's where you get your second website and so forth.What do you guys think on this?Also, regarding certification or getting started h
So if you have followed me close enough, I own an action camera website. This morning, someone actually emailed me to say that he has purchased something from the website. But when I went to see my earnings, it is still $0.00. I then wondered. After reading his email more deliberately this time, I realised that he has used another link to buy as all my links were more expensive that then the one he found online as it was on sales!NOOO. That was my literal reaction. So close yet so far haha. Any