What to Do When the Links are Dead in Promote For Newbies.

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As many newbies will have noticed there are a lot of dead links in the promote section above. If you know how to research your own affiliate programs then the chances are this won't teach you anything, but this is meant for newbies researching products in a niche

The Easiest SureFire Way

Go into Goo gle and search

"YOUR NICHE, obviously inserting your niche in the quotation marks" + "affiliate program" both of those are in quotation marks. The quotation marks are used to tell Google two things that have to be included in the search.

The AI Route

I have decided to do a prompt for you in AI I personally have never used this method but I will show you my prompts and the results. I have never used it because I know what I am promoting

The Prompt

what is a great prompt for me to ask you to give a full and accurate answer to this question "I want to find the best, highest paying affiliate programs for the dog "

You can see I left off the quotation marks and should have written dog niche

Claude 2's answer.


You can do one of two things here. Rewrite the prompt yourself or you can paste two prompts into both platforms and ask them to combine them for you . Actually you can do a third thing and that is to put both prompts separately into both AI's.

I then asked Claude to Answer its own prompt.


Here are some of the top affiliate programs I would recommend for promoting dog products and services:

Chewy Affiliates - Chewy offers very generous recurring commissions, ranging from 5-10% on future customer purchases. As the leading online pet retailer, Chewy has a huge product selection and loyal customer base, making it a great brand for dog affiliates to partner with long-term.

Amazon Associates - Though not dog-specific, Amazon's extensive pet supplies section offers affiliates up to 10% commission and the ability to promote a variety of dog products. Amazon is trusted and widely-used, with high conversion rates. Easy to incorporate into content sites.

Rover - Rover's pet sitting affiliate program provides up to $250 per referred service booking. Their focus on recurring bookings makes this a lucrative ongoing income stream for dog service affiliates.

K9 of Mine - This niche site offers 10% commissions on their popular dog gear content and reviews. They have successfully built an engaged, loyal audience that converts well. A good option for affiliates wanting to specifically promote dog products.

Bullymakes - Bullymakes offers a 40% commission rate on their popular monthly subscription box for power chewers. The recurring subscription model provides reliable ongoing commissions. The company has a very strong reputation in the competitive dog box niche.

I purposefully focused on programs that have generous commission rates, are in high-demand verticals like pet retail and services, and have an established trust and audience - ideal for new full-time affiliates. Please let me know if you need any other specifics!

I then asked Chatgpt 4


Certainly! Diving into the world of affiliate marketing within the dog niche presents a wealth of opportunities, given the vast and passionate audience of dog owners and enthusiasts. Here's an overview of some of the best and highest-paying affiliate programs in this area, along with key details to help you navigate your options:

  1. Chewy Affiliate Program
    • Commission Rate: Up to $15 per new customer purchase.
    • Cookie Duration: 15 days.
    • Product Range: A wide array of dog-related products, including food, toys, and health products.
    • Requirements: Good fit for content creators with a pet-focused audience. Chewy is known for its excellent customer service and wide product selection, making it a compelling option for affiliates.
  2. FitBark Affiliate Program
    • Commission Rate: Up to 12% per sale.
    • Cookie Duration: 60 days.
    • Product Range: Dog health and activity monitors.
    • Requirements: Best suited for affiliates with content focused on dog health, fitness, or technology. FitBark offers innovative products that appeal to health-conscious pet owners.
  3. Petco Affiliate Program
    • Commission Rate: Up to 8% per sale.
    • Cookie Duration: 7 days.
    • Product Range: A broad selection of pet supplies, including dog beds, toys, food, and grooming products.
    • Requirements: A great option for a wide range of pet-related content creators. Petco is a well-established brand with a loyal customer base.
  4. BarkBox Affiliate Program
    • Commission Rate: $18 per subscription.
    • Cookie Duration: 30 days.
    • Product Range: Subscription boxes for dogs, which include toys, treats, and chews.
    • Requirements: Ideal for content creators who focus on dog toys, treats, or subscription box reviews. BarkBox is popular for its high-quality, themed boxes.
  5. Ollie Affiliate Program
    • Commission Rate: Up to $60 per new customer.
    • Cookie Duration: 30 days.
    • Product Range: Customized, fresh dog food plans.
    • Requirements: Perfect for affiliates with a focus on dog nutrition, health, or gourmet pet food. Ollie emphasizes high-quality ingredients and tailored nutrition.

When evaluating and choosing the right affiliate program, consider the following factors:

  • Alignment with Your Audience: Select programs that offer products or services your audience is likely to be interested in. Understanding your audience's needs and preferences is key.
  • Commission Structure: Look for programs with attractive commission rates and reasonable cookie durations to maximize your earning potential.
  • Reputation and Reliability: Partner with reputable companies known for quality products and excellent customer service to maintain your credibility and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing Support: Some programs offer promotional materials and support to help you succeed. Take advantage of these resources to enhance your marketing efforts.

Choosing the right affiliate program involves balancing these factors with your content strategy and audience interests. By selecting programs that align well with your niche and providing genuine, valuable content, you can build trust with your audience and successfully monetize your platform.

As you can see you can refine those prompts, ask for the URL , but it would be faster to type into your search engine Ollie Affiliate program.

So as you can see using two different AI models you have nine programs to explore on the dog niche. You can adapt those prompts to any niche and find affiliate programs, or

You Can expand the prompts for side hustles or additional income

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