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One thing I have noticed this week is that people have been pointing out to me that so-and-so is also is not looking at the training and they just asking random questions.I totally agree that some people can be a pain and yes they not listen to you and just rambling on and not knuckling down to getting the training done.You never know where somebody else's in their journey. You don't know what point there are and where they want to go. What you do know is that every one of these people who are
Employee gets sued after she falls for £200K CEO Fraud Scam Ithought you would find this an interesting and educational story relating to cybersecurity. Apologies if this is of no interest to you.This is quite a historical case because if the company wins, we could see a lot more court cases against employees for clicking on links they shouldn't which then harm their organisation.What happened?A woman is being sued for sending approx. 200K of her employer's money to an online fraudster. P
26 comments found this website this morning. Many of you will have image software that you can remove The background from your images. This does it very quickly. It's not 100% perfect But it is a useful tool. Go ahead and try it will take less than 10 seconds including finding the image
I am promoting vegan toiletries. Examples are deoderants,soaps,toothpaste, nappy rash creams In the UK they come under the general word toiletries. Do you have another word you use for this general category apart from tioletries or cosmetics,please.Thank you in advance for your help it is very much appreciated
HAPPY NEW YEARIf like me you've been here for any amount of time you will realise that a lot of people want to know if this system will work for them? I have been here so long I have fossilised!I have read the doubt thousands of timesI have been a product creator for over 20 years and I sell many products. They come with the hundred percent money back guarantee. I have got pages of case studies from successful students. Yet I still get people who say to me "I know it works but I'm not sure it'l
29 comments service is frewe if anyone wants to try out live chat on their website
Cheat sheet before abandoning a website.The following tips are making an exemption that you are both following the training and writing regularly! The first thing to do is thoroughly understand the training redo it if necessaryI receive many emails and private messages each week asking me should people abandon their websites. There are reasons, good reasons to abandon a website. However, the only reasons I would say abandon and jump ship is if you have chosen a niche which is not profitable.Not
Tim Berners-Lee was the guy who invented the Internet because he invented the protocol for hyperlinking. He was a tech guy who came from a tech family but it didn't work for a tech company but worked for Cern.I've just come across this and it's interesting whether he will be able to take on people like Facebook who have taken control of the web remains to be seen but for the first time it is a viable option.
As from today 25 September YouTube will be making changes which will affect the appearance of your website.The first and most important change is what will now happen when you embed videos. From today you will not be able to disable related videos.Prior to this change you could set the parameter value related videos to 0 which would mean that no related videos were shown.After today even setting to 0 will have no effect it will show related videos. These related videos may have a detrimental ef
95%+ of people who click onto your webpage don't convert into sales because you failed to solve their problems.Sadly, that's a fact and the primary reason why most people don't convert visitors into sales.The fundamentals of your success is learning how to solve problems. You need to ferret out the problems in your niche so that your website properly addresses these problems.Recently, I've been asked to mentor people and look at their websites here. I have to say that their websites are full of