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November 22, 2018
Many of us will be prepared and getting ready for all those Black Friday promotions, last year I totally missed it as I made a mistake and crashed my site, hopefully the rerun this time around will be just fine.Whatever you are promoting one offer that is certainly worth taking up is Wealthy Affiliate's great yearly membership, this offer works out around 82 cents per day, if you struggle with it this year get a jar and put this amount in each day and bingo next year is sorted.Don't forget the
Even though I am in my 4th year here at Wealthy affiliate and now heading into month 5 with the SWAG (Super Wealthy Affiliate Group) training, not only am I seeing the vast improvements here but I am also seeing a growing trend of the same sort of questions creeping in more frequently, so I would like to share some of my thoughts on them. The biggest one seems to be "when will I make some money" no one can tell you this as it all comes down to many factors, such as are you following the trainin
June 04, 2018
Learning to work for yourself may be a challenge however it does have it's perks to, many Wealthy affiliate members have enjoyed the laptop office scenario.Don't get me wrong work is still required and if you are like me it is a kind of working holiday, this year has been slightly different though as in the last seven days I have not spent as much time on my business as I usually do.During my time with Wealthy Affiliate I have learned tons and still continue to learn, there is never a dull mome
May 25, 2018
Working from home can be a challenge at the best of times, friends and family seem to have the impression you can just drop everything and go out when ever you like or they call, however as we all know it is not as simple as that.We have many tasks in building our online business and if we are organized we can be very flexible with our time. As with everything their are the pro's and con's of working for yourself, though one thing is always needed and that is an income, this is why we are all h
So as we get ready to head into month 4 with Kyle's SWAG group he has asked us to be accountable and reflect on the progress we have made so far.Certainly food for thought ! Firstly can I just say when I set out on this journey four years ago I did not think I could do this, It has been so hit-and-miss with my progress but it has truly sunk in now, sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit and forget how far we have come.As I work through boot camp and do the SWAG tasks a whole new level
It was quite exciting to start the day with seeing the all new-look and features at Wealthy Affiliate no doubt it will take me a wee while to get used to where everything is.There is help to find your way around check out Carson's post think the new platform has a great fresh look about it and the navigation layout makes it very easy to find what you want, they have really worked hard on this, might even have out done themselves.
Intent ! what does this meanI am currently going through Bootcamp and SWAG training it all feels quite intense and at times I feel there is not enough hours in the day as well as brain power. Having said that it is quite the rush to.In my boot camp lesson ( Content with intent) I learned to see writing from a completely new angle, have included the link below should you wish to check it out. thought what does it mean to write with
Every year I go to the Islay whisky festival with family and friends, at first I did not really take on the value of these trips, not only did we have fun but we made new friends from around the world and learned the principle of low cost investment which can improve our value and our income.How so ?? you may ask and what has this to do with Wealthy affiliate, let me explain I am not a part way through my 4th year with WA, the first year was a struggle as I seemed to take forever to really gra
March 26, 2018
I have learned so much over the 4 years I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate and amongst all that learning I have come to realize there is always a new horizon, so when things go wrong do not stress ask for help and before you know it a solution will come along.I am half-way through month 2 with Kyle's great SWAG training, the next two weeks will be a different sort of challenge as I will have two of my grand daughters staying with me and I want to enjoy my time with them but still keep on tra
I am now starting out on month 2 with Kyle's super affiliate program the tasks are long however it is so exciting to be on this path, we have seen many new updates within WA and just look at the new blog post layout, great and I love the site content feature to, this is my 4th year with WA and boy have they stepped up the game so to speak.Those who started out like me as a complete novice will know how overwhelming it is at times, there is so much information it can seem confusing. I cannot str