Thanks For Having My Back!

Last Update: Apr 23, 2013


I am sending out a special thank you to Kymee and Craig this morning for having my back.

I posted an article from my website here at my WA Blog. They informed me that this is duplicate content! Oops! I should have asked first. :(

But, I do want to point out that this is just one of many examples of the awesome help you get here at WA! I do appreciate it so much, so thank you Kymee and Craig for your wonderful support. It gives me great hope about the encouragement I get here.

I have removed the blog because I don't want it to get in the way of my article writing.

So, if you'd like to read the article on my website, here is the link:

I hope it will give you hope!


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Learn something new every day here at WA (or many things)...which is only good thing!

Welcome, I'd hate to see you dinged for duplicate content when you were just trying to share with the group.

And I appreciate that very much! :)

You can also rewrite the article if you think it would be of relevance to the WA community. Maybe structure your article a different way or use different/expanded main topics. It will also work well if you give a short introduction about what you want to write about in your coming text of your article. Give a short introduction after your opening statement, and you may draw more people into your article. Thanks for the post!

Good way of thinking! I like that idea. Thanks for taking the time to comment and make suggestions. :)

I am sorry I forgot to say you are welcome. We stick together here :o)

I was reading all your comments and I have to agree with them all.

Hey Kymee, I had to be away from my computer for awhile so couldn't comment in a timely manner. :( Yes, all the comments are quite informative. You are right, we must stick together because this is what continues to inspire us. :)

Sorry Kathy I meant the comment on how well you write. They were right!!! YOU are a great writer

Kymee, so sweet of you to say that! Thanks!

I loved this article Kathy. You do such an awesome job conveying your thoughts and feelings and this article Can I give you one suggestion? Within the article point the reader to your Wealthy Affiliate review. Maybe it could go under the Going into Business for ourselves and share with them the hope you found within Wealthy Affiliate.
This is great for linking and it's bringing them to your review of WA which is your main Affiliate program on this site.

~ Audrey

Great idea, Audrey. I just hadn't gotten there yet as I have to be somewhere this afternoon and I was just relieved to get the article written. :) I plan on doing that when I get home later this afternoon. Thanks for having my back, though! :)

Hi Kathy, Very nice website, and I really enjoyed the article......lovely writing style, great images to go along with it, and the message is full of hope. Great! I wish you much success.

Aw, Kip, thank you so much. It means so much to me when a member takes the time to go to my website. Thank you for that and for such a wonderful compliment. :) Right back at you: my best to your success!

This is a great place to get help. The site is looking good. Like your WA review.

Thanks so much, Rick! So pleased you liked it and took the time to read. I hope you are having an absolutely awesome day! :)


You do know, Shawn, that I hang on your every comment, right? ;) You're an author, so when " :) " or "Good" comes from you, I'm dancin' on air! :)


Dancin' on Air! :)

You are too kind Kathy..... now, get to work! :P

Aw, okay, comin' down off the cloud to reality now.

Hey there Kathy, just checked out your website. Excellent job... very light, bright and easy-to-read website... very pleasant reading that entices one to check out every page! Very nice job!!!

THANK YOU!! Wow, that's a wonderful compliment to get. Thank you so much for taking the time to go to my website and read. I appreciate it soooooo very much. :)

So is it Ok now to post it on your site??? Did not get to see what Craig said.

I am not trying to argue here, but are you sure that Google doesn't see that as syndicated content as opposed to duplicate content?

What happens then if you send an article to more than one article directory? Would that be duplicate content?

Yes, Craig said it was ok. I'm going to look into this further though.

Duplicate content is only when it's on your own site.

Otherwise it's not a dupe!


yes duley You are not supposed to use the same article it will come up as duplicate content. I wish I was the wiz that could be the one who could spot off the url so you could go read it. but if you go into chat I know someone will be. Hope this helps some. ;O)

Kal she had her blog on here as well as her website. That caused duplicate content.

Wish I can remember who carson just explained this very thing.

Not sure what you mean. Here on WA?

She had the blog on WA this morning, she took it off after we warner her it would cause duplicate content.

Thanks for the heads up! So her website had the same info that was put on her blog here at WA.

I didn't think that the blog here was public. I'd love to follow the story so that I can see what is duplicate content in this case.


Whew right. sorry if I didn't explain it right ;O)

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