Most attractive wordpress theme?

Last Update: February 01, 2014

Guys, I'm a little lost amongst the 1000's of wordpress themes to chose from..

What are some of your favorites?


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JJCarter1 Premium
Hey Max, great question. I'm a big fan of the various StudioPress premium WordPress themes that can be viewed here at this non-affilate link:

I use their themes for both of my web sites and I really like the simple and clean design options they offer. Check them out. Not everyone wants to invest $$ in a theme and that's fine, but I feel the small investment in a premium theme definitely increases and enhances your visitor experience. Good luck with whatever you decide!
softwind Premium
I chose Active. I've also got Cirrus, Twenty Twelve and Twenty Thirteen in my galley for subsequent websites. Hope that helps.
mackiejw Premium
As Kyle always says "Keep it simple, look at Craig's List crummy site" and the success they are having. Anyways, I tried about a dozen or so and I like Platform the best. It has an additional item within the "appearance" menu which allows you to really customize the looks of the site. you can drag and drop the size of content area or side bars, for example. Check it out. I do things like that by creating a dummy rubix site which I easily can delete later on.
KD6PAO Premium
Iconic One Pro.....
Karyskis Premium
I will be looking forward to reading your responses. I ended up purchasing a WP theme.