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November 26, 2016
Hi everyone,I had to leave WA 12 months ago due to personal reasons, but am back now as a premium member and hope to really give this a great go this time around!Will take a different route this time and focus on a personal interest website and leave the affiliate website for a latter stage.Wishing everyone all the best and hope you have a safe and happy holiday period coming up!thanksMax
I remember around 15 years ago, there were tonnes of search engines around....and it made me think if a new and more brillant search engine was introduced...and everyone started using this new search engine, what would that mean for all the websites that ranked highly on google? Assuming that this new engine ranked sites differently to google...would everyone have to adjust do you think?
Guys, I'm a little lost amongst the 1000's of wordpress themes to chose from.. What are some of your favorites? Max
Hi everyone, Just wondering how many of you have achieved your goals here at WA?, and happy with the results of being a member.. ....was curios to know.. Have a great day! Max
I was absolutely stupified when I read that Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel turned down a $3 billion cash offer for snapchat from facebook's Mark Zuckerberg... $3 billion in cash is an enormous amount of money, and I thought to myself what I would have done in that situation.. My question is what would you have done if it was you? Reject the offer and continue developing Snapchat or sell Snapchat and take a $3 billion windfall?.... What a decision that would be..imagine all you could do with $
Hi Everyone, I've been a member since the start of December and am greatly enjoying my time here.. It really is an interesting adventure and I hope to interact with many of you and learn all I can and also help where I can! This place reminds me of facebook, it really is one of a kind, well done to Kyle and Carson for creating this awesome place with a great community.. Wishing everyone the greatest success in 2014!