The Time Has Come

Last Update: Apr 4, 2017


I would love to pick up that kitten in the picture and take him home!

The time has come, and it took a long time. I am leaving my dead-end office job and will become self-employed. I will be an independent contractor for a health insurance company. I will have paid training them will be able to work remotely.

No more being trapped in an office cube for 8 hours. I will finally be able to work for myself and not someone else. My salary will be significant higher too. There's no salary cap like at my office job.

I will also earn enough money to travel often and write my articles, which will be my other income. If I stayed at my office job, becoming a travel writer would not happen. When working remotely, I could also work while I am traveling and earn money :)

Just like the kitten in the picture, I kept my eyes open and my feet moving forward, and I found it. I have been trying to leave that office job for some time.

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Clearly a positive high note...thanks for sharing this with all of us...

That's awesome. Congrats!!!

Congratulations, and best of luck!

Congratulations. And more time for riding, too!

Oh yes!

What a gorgeous piccie & great quote.
Best wishes for your pastures new! :)

Thanks :)

That's awesome. I'm at home now writing. It's tough but still better than before.

Anything is better than forcing myself to a dead-end job and being used as a money-generating tool for upper management

I was waiting till 5 pm everyday to find out if I had work or not. 1/2 the time I didn't. That's why I joined WA. Sure glad I did.

I'm glad I joined WA too

Great resolve!

Nice and I get the point.


Thank you!

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