Test environment hosted outside of WA

Last Update: Jan 14, 2018


Hi folks,

Due to recent issues with my website I found a free WP platform which helped me to isolate the cause of the problems.

Recently I was able to prove that one of it comes form the WA server. This could be very useful if you open a ticket to Site Support here and show to the guys that the issue is not happening if your website is hosted elsewhere.

In that way, you are helping them in their troubleshooting.

All you may need to do in order to reproduce the issue is to clone your website using WP clone plugin and restore it to this test environment.

This is it http://poopy.life/

It creates a brand new free WP installation on which you may do whatever you want in order to find, eliminate and investigate server/hosting related issues.

I hope that this could be useful to anyone who believe to experience hosting issues here and from what I see this is not a rare case lately.

Have a nice day!


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Thank you for sharing, helpful.

Good to know. Thanks Asen. ~Mark

Thanks for the info.

thanks for the information

Hi Seen, good to see you. And then you for sharing very useful, many thanks.

Thanks, Alex! Always good to see you too!

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