Site 3 Update 2-5-13 - Ranking for secondary keywords

Last Update: February 05, 2013
Hey everyone, so here is the latest and greatest on my experimental site. I call it "site 3" but I'm finally willing to share the URL as it does not affect what I'm trying to do.

Feel Free to check out the other "site 3" blogs to see how I set this site up and what kind of plugins and settings I had to use. Now on to the update.

Here are things I tried and my conclusions so far...

Keyword in the domain EMD dd not seem to help much

I have been deliberately waiting for weeks at a time to see what was making a difference and what was NOT making a difference. So I basically do one thing and wait patiently to see the rank results before doing something else.

My first goal was to choose a domain name with the Keywords in it. This is also known as EMD (exact match domain) for those that don't know. Well, this did not seem to have any effect at all.

Social Bookmarking? Jury still out on this one.

I then set up (or tried to set up) some social bookmarks by going to some social directory sites and just submitting my websites there. Majority of the social bookmark sites said (unless I paid a fee) it would take several weeks for the review process to go through and there were no guarantees. I did the free submissions anyway, but it is hard to say whether this method was effective or not.

Building Backlinks using Article Submissions seems to be doing the trick

Aaaah, the good ole backlink. My current method has been building backlinks to the site. I have mentioned in a few of my other posts that I use a paid service which automates my article submissions for me, which in turn adds two backlinks per submission.

This is no different than manually writing articles for Ezinearticles, Streetarticles, GoArticles or even guest posting. The only difference is that this service automatically submits the articles to different sites for me once i write them.

This is something I simply don't have the time to do effectively, so (for me) it is worth the money to have someone else do it for me.

Since I started doing this I am pleased to say that using my rank tracker plugin I am starting to see rankings for keywords I was not even thinking about.

Unfortunately, I am still not ranked for the main keywords I'm interested in.

Not sure how clear the picture is but you might be able to see that I am ranked (and rank position is increasing) for some words but there are 3 keywords where I am not ranked. These are actually the main keywords that I'm targeting. It is a little frustrating but some progress is better than no progress.

Things to note about the site.

Site URL:

I'm trying to keep things as basic as possible

I am trying some new themes as of today. (open to suggestions)

So far I only have 10 posts on the site and 3 pages. I may up this number as one of my tests to see if this improves my rankings.


There is a lot of debate about paid services being spammy and potentially harming your site so I am treading with caution on this one. I think these services can still be effective if you use them in a natural way and not try to overstuff your keywords.

Things like link (anchor text) diversification come to mind here. I'm still no expert on the whole SEO thing. But, by trial and error I'm slowly figuring it out.

I've been following a few bloggers (not within the WA community) and testing out some of their methods. I'm also subscribed to warrior forum which is VERY helpful. That in addition to all the tools here in WA and I should be able to make some serious headway.

So now that you know the latest and greatest, I'm anxious to hear all comments.
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Hudson Premium
Good post, thanks for the detail,
kamali Premium
Thanks for the feedback Hudson, glad you liked it! :)
Shawn Martin Premium
It took me 6 months to rank the EMD on one site, It depends on how competitive the keywords and the niche are, and they do make a difference, but sometimes it takes a long time.
kamali Premium
Shawn, I have noticed that the competitiveness of the keyword plays into this. I also know that google made a recent change which puts lower emphasis on exact match domains.

Thanks for the input, it's always good to know that others are experiencing similar results.
Very interesting article,and just out of curiosity what sort of things can be learned from the warrior forum?
kamali Premium
ron33611 the warrior forum is actually similar to Wealthy Affiliate but the majority of the information is available for free. Also there are a lot of very very successful internet marketers there.

Like wealthy affiliate there are newbies trying to learn the hang of things and there are also seasoned veterans talking about different strategies
If you do a google search on something related to internet marketing there is a good chance you will end up at a post from the warrior forum.

I'm not on there as much as I should be, but it is a good source of info in addition to WA.

Check it out for yourself, it will only cost you a few minutes of your time :)
lorriebrown3 Premium
Wow Kamali. I've been studying a while and not taken much action as of yet, so thank you for for sharing your case study and the detailed information. I have been bouncing around if the paid service for article submission is worth trying, So your results are convincing. I always read if you use your keyword in your domain name it would enhance your rating. Do you use EDM in any of your other domains that made a difference in ranking? I'm also thinking there should to be a balance between many tasks and a checklist to rank well consistently. When I say many task, I mean effective keywords, content, seo, list building, etc. What do you think?
kamali Premium
lorrie, I agree that balance is important but you also want to be careful not to spread yourself thin and you also want to watch your budget so you're not spending too much money.

I use my keywords in ALL my domains. At one point this helped a lot but google now puts less weight on it in terms of rankings. It still has some weight but it is not as much as it used to be. Either way it definitely won't hurt your cause to have your keyword in your domain name.

With any paid service you decide to use, make sure you do your homework and make sure you can see a tangible benefit. Also make sure it is something you actively use otherwise you're just wasting money.

I have not really mentioned what service I am using because I don't want people to think I'm trying to skew my results to convince them to get THAT service.

Also, there are many services out there that work in the same way.
slayton1s Premium
There was a similar statement by Mark Twain: I didn't have more time, so I wrote a longer letter. Making things as simple as possible is the best way to go, while still keeping a professional feel for everything. For your 3rd site, you definitely need to improve on the appereance of your website.
kamali Premium
Thanks for the feedback slayton1s I def agree. I actually changed the theme just minutes before I put the update out.

I here a lot of good things about the twenty eleven and twenty twelve themes so I thought I would fool around with it for a bit. I may go back to my previous theme though. At least for now.

Thanks again for the feedback. If you want to recommend any themes that would be great too! :)
slayton1s Premium
Well, there are a lot of themes you could use with that really. It's a normal niche site, so idk. Twenty Twelve is definitely a great backup/work theme to use, but you probably want something a bit fancier and attractive to the eyes for your readers.
kamali Premium
went with another theme for now. Going to make some tweaks tonight. Thanks again for the feedback