Stuck in no man's land for two weeks!!! Help Me!!!

Last Update: Feb 11, 2014


My progress has been moving right along smoothly for the past few months. I was posting articles regularly and doing the Affiliate Bootcamp program. Now I have been stuck in no man's land for more than two weeks and making NO progress.

I have reached Course 4, Lesson 1 with the Affiliate Bootcamp. It advised taking a 21 day break to recharge and review your website, well my break has been longer than that and I am still waiting for the enthusiasm to come back.

My time has been spent:

  • Purchasing books from Amazon to help me better understand a few areas.

-Top 43 Mistakes Websites Owners Make That Will Kill Their Results...and How to Avoid Them (way too much information for a newbie to absorb)

-Pinterest Savvy: How I got 1 Million+ Followers (Strategies, Plans and Tips to Grow Your Business with Pinterest (too advanced for me, confused me more)

-My Blog Traffic Sucks! 8 Simple Steps to get 100,000 Blog Visitors Without Working 8 Days a Week. (the book lost me from the very beginning)

  • Spending hours and hours updating my 2 websites. Changing the header, the background color and editing the published posts with new font styles and images.
  • Adding plugins because my reading material suggested them. Yoast SEO, W3 Cache and the list goes on. All to help your website download faster, be indexed and have an attractive appearance on your mobile device and also get your articles ranked high with Google.

Then as if things were not bad enough, I decide to start a 3rd website. Not smart!!! So now one website has 12 articles posted (; another one with 7 articles posted ( and my new site has only "about me" and the "privacy notice".

Some where I took a wrong turn and fell into the rabbit hole (Alice in Wonderland) of mass confusion and literary nonsense and I have not found my way out.

Wealthy Affiliate offers an extensive library of training tools, videos and discussion rooms for you to find answers or help. The courses are always in touch with all the latest ideas for your website to succeed. Why did I stop doing the things that would bring me success? I don't have an answer.

I do know I lost sight of my goals, became lazy and complacent. My profile picture "Believe You Can" isn't strong in me right now, but I believe I can overcome this bump in the road.

If you have wandered off from your goals or taken a step back to regroup I would love to hear those stories. None of us are alone, to reach out for help within the community is very rewarding.

So that is what I am doing here, REACHING OUT to my fellow members for that nudge to get me back into action.

God Bless to you all!

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Sounds familiar.

Having read your post you are giving me the impression that you have put in a lot of effort and have made significant progress. I somehow think that you should concentrate on one website. Use it as the trial horse for your website creation. As Henry Ford said " Whether you think you can or can't - either way you are right". I am sure that you will think you can very soon :)

Thanks for the advise. I beginning to think the same thing. Trying to maintain 2 sites can be overwhelming at times.

I have only been with WA for 2-3 days and the last 24 hours have felt the same way...I completed the 1-10 course for Newbies and am not ready to start the bootcamp because that is what I wanted in the first place is to be involved with Affiliate Marketing and WA seems to be the best out there although I have to be honest that I am also working another one which I started 2 weeks before WA and see that WA is a much better company although I am concerned that I will not be able to upgrade to premium for at least another 3-4 weeks and am kind of freeking out with that clock ticking away when I lose my ability to ask questions and lose most of the tools to be successful with WA. The kind of money I want to make anyway which is full time income. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

G-d Bless...

Read this blog by Beverley, you'll find it very helpful.

Good luck!


Been there, done that and got the t-shirt. It is very easy to lose site of one's goals. You'll pull it back. :) Beverley

Thanks for the encouragement.

It's very easy to get sidetracked these days since we are bombarded with offers and sure-fire money-makers everyday. I have found that the longer I've been online the more difficult it is to keep focused so you're not alone.
You've made the most important first step, accepting that you need to get back on track. You can do this and I believe you can, you have one blog with 12 articles posted which is way more than 90 plus percent of people coming online manage to do.
Identify what the purpose of your is. Is it to help other people follow where you have been and benefit from your experiences or is it just to make money?
I learned many years ago that if I helped enough other people get what they wanted I'd get what I wanted by default. And when I started getting people thanking me for helping them out it provided me with the much needed incentive to keep going.
Now you've decided to get started again my advice is to start writing something every week for that blog that will help build your following and get you back into regular pattern.
You get your 'believe you can' strong in you now, I advise that you identify clearly your reason why should are doing it. Our reason why is what eventually helps us go above and beyond to reach our goals.
Work on that and you'll be away again.

Thanks for all of the helpful ideas, they are great and so true. The comments sent have truly inspired me. Appreciate it.

Happens to everyone. My solution is find a picture of what I really really want to achieve. In my case it is a pic I tooki of a place I want to be, nature more than bling but giventhe placre having the ability to get and have bling is part of the entrance fee so to speak--but my pic is of the physical setting, which I findf more inspiring and specific, Stuff and bling is possible everywhre right? Anyway I printed it, put a nice saying and deadline on the bakc, laminated it and have it with me in my wallet. I see it regularly and it keeps me moving. Mostly because it is personal and resonates.

There is a learning curve here so one foot in front of the other, one keystroke after another and just keep on keeping on. How many times di dyou fall down on your undoubtedly padded backside before you took your first steps never mind walked? You don't remember--others do. New things take time. And welcome back--your sharing probably has touched many.

Great idea, I have several pictures that sooth my mind. As I tell the family, my office is my sanctuary. Helps the mind to relax. Appreciate the comments.

I agree with sticking to your preferred niche site (plus doing optimization)and taking breaks. we all have these moments, it takes patience and consistency. also, personally I don't like all these infolinks. You've got good content there and I think that more than they contribute on a short run they deter in general for the long run but that's just my opinion. you've gone a long way, give yourself that- you can do great!

I have been wondering about the infolinks. Sometimes they tend to create chaos on the page. Thanks for the suggestions.

Okay --just go to the last lesson and task you finish ---then go to the next task and start on the website you want to finish ---if your WA niche website would be the one looks like to me ----Boot camp one ----work on it and do not read other teaching about it ---put the blinders on bot camp lessons only until you feel you are back ---

If it is to be it is up to me ----you can do it because you have already done so much ---Coach ED ---aka croninweb noe take a deep breath and smile ---see-ya later ---let me know how you are doing tomorrow !!!!!!!!

I will take that deep breath, put a smile on my face and resume the lessons. Appreciate your comments. Thanks

Okay --that is it ---talk to later ---:-)

I completely understand, been there done that. Muster up the motivation to just get back to looking at your sites. Pick which one gives you the most burn inside. It's there just a little buried right now I take it. Sit for a while, think about how great things will be after your site takes off. Don't spread your self so thin that you don't know where to start. And try and stay focused on the community and training here. No matter where you turn if you are struggling with understanding something someone will have the answer and help! All the best to you!

All of your ideas are deeply appreciated. I know what I need to do and your comments have reaffirmed that. Thanks

My best advise is to pull back to the site that you are most passionate about and follow it to get the ball rolling. I know I almost burnt myself out, but forced myself to take breaks and walk away when I needed to.

I also made sure though that I kept looking at my goals and my plan of how I was going to achieve them. This was an especially good thing to do before a break as that way your mind is quietly thinking about them in the background.

Another good technique is to just sit down and start writing. Even if you dont know what to write about, just sit down and start typing and see what comes out.

I believe you can! Keep working it!

I have read other articles that also say just sit down and start writing. Will have to give it a try, Thanks for support and comments.

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