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Last Update: Aug 20, 2018

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After 14 months as a member at WA I was notified today I have qualified as a

Top 200 member WOW!

I want to thank everyone who has followed me and assisted me during my membership in this community.

I believe in the values that Kyle and Carson have built at WA and that explains why they have maintained long term success online for a long period of time and will continue to grow this online community in the future.

They have triggered a revolution by recognizing that the old way of working for people is not as effective anymore, people want change for the better and some employers are not listening or don't care and that is why people such as myself are willing to make the sacrifice to build a legacy for themselves and their families for long term success financially and spiritually at WA.

I want to give a special thanks to TMaltz who invited me to join and has supported my membership. The review he wrote was the decisive factor in me joining WA I was actually reading about another opportunity when his review popped up in my search results and I was impressed with his writing skills that I thought I should give this a try.

When I started with WA my rankings were very high and I really didn't pay much attention to it, I do recall at the start of this year January 2018 my ranking was like in the 45,000 range. A lot of people ask me how have you done this so fast? Below I highlight the three things I do at WA on a daily basis

Training - Ask yourself to commit to learning something new every day at WA

Write Write Write Write every day = $$$$$$$$$

Support by helping others at WA

I will admit the writing part was the hardest thing I had to learn at WA but with the training at WA you will learn this skill and get the support you need, there are lot of talented and experienced writers at WA to assist you, don't be ashamed to ask for support.

Writing is like anything else the more you do it the better you will become.

For example, like Kyle I am a basketball player and I was a terrible shooter to the point I was afraid to shoot.

How I overcame this fear was by continuing to keep shooting and the only way I learned to overcome this fear was by going to the gym every day by myself and taking 250 shots per day from different spots on the floor 5 days a week.

In one year I developed my shot to the point that when I was on the court I shot the ball out of instinct and not think about it that is a very important trait in basketball.

My point is your writing skills won't develop by being shy or hesitant keep writing you will only get better I guarantee it.

I still have a lot of work to do at WA this is only the beginning I am determined to be great so in closing I say this to you below

Our US President always says

'Let's Make America Great Again'

I prefer to say to people

'Join Wealthy Affiliate to become Great Now!'

Thanks for Reading and have a Wonderful Day!

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Its showing that your hard work is going through your chosen way!

Thank you Very much appreciated

hey hey Juan, congrats are certainly in order there my man. Good onya, wishing you the best and many more success your way

Thanks for recognizing my efforts

Hi....great attitude. Congratulations on moving up the ranks.

Congratulations and welcome to the top200 Juan.


Thanks Derek for the kind words

Congratulations and well done you for sticking with the program and improving your skills.
With Grace and Gratitude

Thank You very much for your response Karen



Thanks for reading my post and kind words

Congratulations Top 200 Juanster2017!

Thank you very much

Congratulations and more luck!

WE will all become great and financially stable with Wealthy Affiliate.


The more the merrier thanks for sharing your kind words

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