First Payday

Last Update: September 02, 2015

I've been apart of the WA community for over a year. A week shy of 14 months.

And yesterday, I got my first ever WA commission payout. $140+. Not bad.

That means I'm doing something right. Right? :D

Why am I sharing this with you?

It's not to brag or anything.

It's just to show you that the WA program works (for anybody).

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I had no idea what I was doing.

I had no experience with websites/blogs, no clue how to write a quality blog post, none of that.

All I had were basic computer skills and a grade 10 education (yup, I dropped out of high school).

So if you think you can't do this, you're wrong.

All you've gotta do is follow the training, take action, and ask for support.

You could also follow some other bloggers/blogs who are experts in their areas. Like: Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Jon Morrow, etc.

A lot of these experts give their readers advanced training for free on their blogs and on their email lists.

Oh, and one more thing...

It's about your content.

When I started my blog my content was horrible.

The headlines were weak, the word counts weren't even at 400, and the spelling and grammar was ugly.

That's not even the worse part...

Most of my first 20 posts were all about the same thing, literally.

They looked like this:

  • Headline: How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing - Contents: Choose a Niche, Build a Site, Get Traffic, Earn Commissions
  • Headline: Earn Cash Money Online - Contents: Choose a Niche, Build a Site, Get Traffic, Earn Commissions
  • Headline: Make Money With a Website - Contents: Choose a Niche, Build Your Site, Get Traffic, Earn Commissions

As you can see, most of my posts had the same contents and most of them had bad headlines.

And I see a lot of people doing this today. So if you're one of them, I suggest you stop.

Because if you keep writing the same thing over and over again nobody will want to come back to your blog.

And if your headlines are just your target keyword, e.g, Earn Cash Money Online, hardly anybody will click on your page in Google's results page.


Follow the training.

Write quality content.

Make your headlines better.

And work hard.


Thanks for reading.


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Shawn Martin Premium
BenORourke Premium
Well done Julian, I am delighted to read this!
Bumbss Premium
Nice one! This sounds motivating!
Salem Premium
Well done. Congrats.
Christene9 Premium
Big congrats Julian. There will definitely be more payouts.. Thanks for sharing valuable tips to help others reaching their goals as well.

Keep up the good work and have an awesome day!
JSakanee Premium
Thank you, Christene.