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Quick Question: How do you format WA blog posts?When I first started writing online, there was this word I nearly used in every sentence. After I learned that I can cut it out of my content, it's given my copy a much higher readability.Can you guess what that word is?I'll give you a hint...I just said it.The 4-Letter Word That Breaks Reading FlowDrum roll please...*drum-roll*T-H-A-T.If you think about it, you use the word THAT in your content all the time. And, it likely slows your readers down
The past 3 years have been pretty interesting.I've built several websites. And I'd say about half have flopped and are no longer online.The main reason is simple:I have made some dumb and amateur mistakes I'm not very proud of.In this post, I will share them with you.So why don't we get started.1. Not Working on My SitesFor some unknown reason, I kept waiting for people to (magically) visit my sites and buy my affiliate products.Big mistake.When you don't work on your sites (i.e, creating fresh
Hello, hello, hello, WAers.How's the best online community doing today? :)It's been a while since I've blogged here. I've mostly been hanging around in the background. Reading your blogs and questions, using the SiteComments, and stuff.I've also been working like crazy on something...BloggingAid[dot]com.So far, I've written 5 posts (long, detailed posts), got my first 100 subscribers, made several connections with influencers and bloggers, and got it to 2500 monthly visits (ALL without search e
So I was just in my profile. I was going to clean it up a bit.Then I noticed a "Top 50" badge beside my username. My rank was at 45.dafuq?Check it out:Then I clicked on the rank button in the top menu.Here's what I saw:Pretty weird, huh?Anybody else seeing this or is it just me?
Hello to the WA community!What's up guys.So I was thinking about something earlier...I was wondering if there are people that are going through the same things as I am.So I want to ask you:What are your biggest struggles or challenges? With your site/blog I mean...Mine are:keeping up with my blog posting schedule;building blogging relationships with influencers;and coming up with targeted content ideas.So what are yours?It doesn't matter if it's just one or two.Maybe I, or other WA members, hav
September 02, 2015
I've been apart of the WA community for over a year. A week shy of 14 months.And yesterday, I got my first ever WA commission payout. $140+. Not bad.That means I'm doing something right. Right? :DWhy am I sharing this with you?It's not to brag or anything.It's just to show you that the WA program works (for anybody).When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I had no idea what I was doing.I had no experience with websites/blogs, no clue how to write a quality blog post, none of that.All I had were b
June 13, 2015
I've been seeing some questions and discussions on the backlink topic lately.And I thought I'd share my take on the subject.Here's what I believe:It's always gotta be relevant. A good/quality backlink would be from a blog in your niche with some or high authority. For example – your WA affiliate blog:If you can get a backlink from another WA affiliate blog that is starting to build some authority – that would be an OK link.If you can get a backlink from a blog like Kyle's – that would be a
Hey guys,A new WA member has joined us today. Can you welcome him to the community?His name is Nick. guys. :) (again)
These past several days has been awesome for me here.I'm finally feeling like I can help people here (especially the newcomers). And it's all because of the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.Today I made my second WA sale...And it feels fantastic!I couldn't have done this without the community.I really think you guys played a big part in my second Premium referral. Cheers, everyone!:D(the next time you get a referral, blog about it and ask WA to welcome them)
What's up guys.I've got a new referral. His name's Tony. WA name tuheekee.Can you guys go to his profile and give him a hello?