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Last Update: Apr 23, 2016


I'm looking to see what you all think of this quoted text I added to my site (it's not quoted there just quoted here). How can I make it better?

I feel I'm in a good position to help people find out about this wonderful community, I'm just not getting many fingers to sign up for the free account to see what it's all about.

What Wealthy Affiliate is Not.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a Multilevel Marketing strategy. Signing up with my link and then getting referrals yourself does not make me any money. If you join with my link I am your mentor, there to help you when you get stuck or have questions.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a multi-tiered system. Each level does not cost more money. The free account is limited in functionality compared toe the premium membership. This is expected due to the cost of running servers and paying for various developments as the site grows in numbers.

A premium member unlocks everything. You need not worry about upgrading again to get even more content. It's either free or premium, that's it.

All feed back is greatly appreciated.

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Great to the point explanation too many do not understand the difference and at one time neither did I

I agree, my conversion have been low so I hope this helps.

Straight and to the point! I think it's summed up pretty well

Thanks for the input!

It's not rocket science

I like it. Maybe add the word "up sell" in there. I think it is a common phrase that people constantly hear and worry about. Just my thoughts but other than that is is clear and easy to understand. I think it will work great either way! Keep up the good work.


Alex I love your idea! I'll be using that. thanks!

Very black and white. Makes it clear that there is no catch.

I think it sounds great. I like your picture on here also. Try it; you'll like it.

Sounds good to me.

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