Took advantage of the Wealty Affiliate Black Friday offer.

Last Update: November 29, 2013

Really taking advantage of Wealthy Affiliate

I feel like I am really taking advantage of Wealthy Affiliate in more ways than one. The annual membership is saving me a lot of money in website hosting fees. My cost for hosting my three current websites is now less than $25/month which is les than what it was costing me for hosting just one of my websites at another hosting company. I will be hosting several more websites in the future without costing me another dime. Amazing!

Thanks Kyle and Carson

Thank you Kyle and Carson for your generosity, this terrific platform and the opportunities you are providing for so little money. I want you to know I really appreciate it. And thanks to community of wonderful people here at WA for all the help and counseling they provide. Wishing everyone at WA a very happy and successful year in 2014...John

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jespinola Premium
Hey John. Woohoo, welcome to Premium league. You will not regret for this decision. Remember in follow all the training steps, chat if you have questions and post your questions or if you have something to share with us just do it!

WA is the best place to develop your skills as "Business Owner". Don't hesitate in ask. Once again welcome :)
hart48 Premium
Glad your are taking advantage of these guys. Serves them right for making an offer you could not refuse. LOL
JRCM Premium
I agree.
IslandMike Premium
You are lucky you could do it -- congrats -- it is a great place here!
tinamarie Premium
Congrats on taking advantage! Good job! Tina
JRCM Premium
Thanks. This a great opportunity.
Carson Premium
Hey John,

CONGRATS on going Premium for the next year! Kyle and I have a goal to allow people to run their online businesses for as little as possible, so the focus can be on learning, interacting, building, and earning!!!

Running your business for less than $25 a month, that's incredible :)

2014 is going to be a break out year for you and I look forward to being here to congratulate you on the many successes you are going to experience!

JRCM Premium
Thanks Carson. I intend to take full advantage of the opportunities here at WA.