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Bringing another website to Wealthy Affiliate I would like to bring my Compumarine website to Wealthy Affiliate but I have a concern about my search engine ranking. If you use my key phrase "cedar strip boat plans" to search on Google, yahoo or Bing you will find my site listed close to the top position on the first page. It varies from day to day but most of the time it is in the #1 position. I am currently using obsolete MS FrontPage software to maintain the site and I would love to be able to
Really taking advantage of Wealthy Affiliate I feel like I am really taking advantage of Wealthy Affiliate in more ways than one. The annual membership is saving me a lot of money in website hosting fees. My cost for hosting my three current websites is now less than $25/month which is les than what it was costing me for hosting just one of my websites at another hosting company. I will be hosting several more websites in the future without costing me another dime. Amazing! Thanks Kyle and Carso