Read Between The Lines; The More Obscure Side Of WA.

Last Update: March 30, 2016

Hey Friends

I know, Tuesday is the worse day to pick to write a Blog. I mean really, you're lucky to get 30 likes and twenty comments. That said, this is my inspiration, regardless of what day it is.

It's 4:30 am, I'm just rising, getting ready to work. I pour my first caff, stand and stare out towards Beirut, from my small yet quaint rooftop live in Studio. The Sun is breaking dawn, yet I can't see Beirut, there's been no garbage pick up for over a year., top that off with the fact that there's no serious recycling, and that from dusk till dawn garbage is being burned in the streets, well you get the pic.

I worry about infants, and the breathing problems they'll develop, which will only manifest later in time. The rats walk around like they own the place, huge, well nourished rats. In all this logic, I click on YouTube, listen to Robin screaming out "Good Morning Vietnam"

I shut the windows in hopes of breathing some fresh air, all the while drowning out the military helicopters as they do their rounds.

For your listening enjoyment

Now I don't know, is it against WA rules to talk garbage?

Ok, let's get to my post

The More Obscure Side Of WA.

or The Hidden Power Of Our Network.

WA is an awesome place, however let's take a look at the more hidden, or obscure side of it. It's not just about learning how to build websites, it's a major venue to success. Do you realize that if you begin networking with all the cool members on here, what potential that has?

For instance, I'm working on a site that rallies writers, it's based on a Virtual Cafe, my friend Tim actually has a coffee site, exploring coffee machines. Then there's my friend Hal, who's about to launch a great site geared to Crazy Baby Boomers. Last but not least, my friend Heather, who's an extremely Spiritual Gal, and is also creating an awesome site.The list goes on...

So what's my point?

Find friends on here and network, link your sites together, and start taking advantage of the more obscure side of WA.

Well I think you get my drift

That's all for now folks

Later Gators

Remember it's Tuesday, I need all the likes and comments I can get :)



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albinchero Premium
Here is your like, for such a new day starter blog, have a fruitful day.
Jozeph Premium
Thanks, I Love it :)
Have a great week
annarella Premium
Wonderful post! You're up awfully early!
I hope your day goes well my friend! :)
Jozeph Premium
Thank you Anna, much appreciated
Nazmi524 Premium
Great blog Joseph.
Jozeph Premium
Kifak Sadiki?
2t charaft.bima3riftak.
Iza badak aya mousa3adeh
Ma tetradad biltalab
Allah Ykoun ma3ak

Please excuse my still very rough Arabic
halinphilly Premium
You got it! I liked. And my comment...
Thanks for the honorable mention!
Jozeph Premium
and Good Morning :)
Thanks for chiming in
Debs3 Premium
Nice blog Joseph. And WA really is an awesome place to be!
Jozeph Premium
Thanks Deb, much appreciated