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Last Update: December 16, 2016

Hey folks,

I know it has been awhile since I have been actively involved with the goings on here at WA. If you have read my previous blog posts, you would know that I have been contemplating my life's path over the past 4 months I've been at WA. Honestly though, I have been contemplating this same question since I moved to Iowa from BC in August, 2013.

I have deeply appreciated the support, guidance, and feedback I have received during my time with WA. I am not leaving the community, I am simply zoning in on my life, more specifically my professional life. I now have an office at the Regus center in West Des Moines, and I have some exciting news to share!

Over the past month or so, I have been tirelessly working to bring together a mission, vision, and a board of directors for my non profit organization. Everything came together this week and I literally just submitted the articles of incorporation this morning! We will hear back within 5-7 days and as long as everything is good, Be The Calm will be a registered non profit and charitable organization in 2017.

We already have our bylaws written, so the final step will be to file some paper work with the IRS so that we are able to provide financial donors with tax deductible receipts. I have wanted to form a non profit organization for years and have been on the board of one before but this is my life passion project.

I was thinking too narrowly with Street Dharma. The intention I had for Street Dharma will be able to be under the umbrella of Be The Calm but the mission of this organization will allow us some room to create a variety of programs and serve all members of our community, including the underprivileged and the homeless.

Our Mission:

Be The Calm Corporation’s purpose is to facilitate leadership workshops, online courses, and community action projects that utilize the tools of physical activity, ecotherapy, artistic expression, meditation, and animal assisted therapy to prevent and alleviate chronic and acute stress in our local and global communities.

I managed to get a top level domain name (.org) and have built a one-page starter site, have published a Facebook page, and I am working on creating the logo, and marketing materials so that we are ready to hit the ground running in the new year! I will still participate in the WA community from time to time but need to put the majority of my energy into work life balance (being a mom and the CEO of Be The Calm)!

I included the tag WA success because it was this community that helped me zone in, focus, and take massive action. I would love to hear from you; thoughts, ideas, feedback. More importantly, please drop a comment and let me know how you are doing! I miss you all.

From my heart to yours,


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scorpwealth Premium
Joy, I wish you all the best and you seem to be very passionate about your future. Knock em dead. Happy holidays and stay in touch
JoyNelson Premium
Happy holidays!
divadejunk Premium
It's excellent you've been able to hold on to your focus continuously without wavering but steadily zeroing in on creating your vision. Congratulations Joy. I wish you and Be The Calm much success. It sounds absolutely awesome.
JoyNelson Premium
Thanks so much!
Toshmack Premium
Hi, Joy,
Brilliant news and well done my friend.
I wish you every success in all that you do.
You do take a quality photo ;-))
Cheers, Tosh :)
JoyNelson Premium
Cheers, and thanks, Tosh!
Donnie58 Premium
That's great, Joy! It's wonderful when you can find your life's passion, online or offline.

It's a very great and humanitarian project your focusing on and I commend you for that!

Have a great day and best wishes on your new venture.
JoyNelson Premium
COsborne Premium
I am delighted to say that you seem like a very humble person and are following your hearts desire. In addition I am honored to say, I am proud of you and don't really know you personally, but pray for god's blessings upon you and your family.
JoyNelson Premium
Thank you very much, Chris!