Feels Like My Birthday w Everything Included at WA

Last Update: August 27, 2018

Well it's not my birthday yet, that's Nov 2, but I am wrapping up the WA Level 2 Online Cert training so here is an update...

So far, I am ecstatic about the high level and easy to follow information in the training presented at WA.

2 Critiques

1 Some (important to me) Details are not covered as you go through the Online Certification Training modules.

2 Looking for the answers to those details with the search tool CAN lead to some very poor user created training so newbies beware. I have found mostly good and very helpful user created training.

My main experience with coming up with these 2 critiques is spending way too much time trying to figure out how to set my Site icon or favicon when it is really so easy. For more on this see my last post...


Another couple details that I'm all perfectionist about (because I have a BSEE that taught me to be detail oriented) is when it is the right time to activate Sitemap in the All-in-one-SEO or does it really matter when, and when to start adding internal/external links.

I'm real happy with how my first site looks...


and I have completed 4 1000+ word posts.


3 months: Have many more 1000+ word posts on jesuschristmyhero.com and although making money with this site is secondary for me, I would like to monetize it with christianbook.com (they pay 8%) and be making $30 a month.

6 months: To be making $100+/mo from jesuschristmyhero.com and have a good start on my next project - gadgetsforkitchens.com that I intend to use the @Dylanrieger method for.

More on the @Dylanrieger methed...


Happy about 2 weeks with WA Birthday to me. Really, that's all - I've done a lot in 2 weeks but keep in mind newbies - I'm a workaholic once I get going on something.

Peace, Alex

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JTowsley Premium
Wow you have done a lot of work! Good job!
Vickic3 Premium
Keep up with the great progress and success is yours Alex
JosieWales Premium
Thank you so much.