How to Change An Icon to Show on a Tab

Last Update: August 27, 2018

I really had to hunt around to find the right training to set my favicon or Site icon that shows up in the little tabs at the top of a browser. I found some poor user training suggesting you needed html or a plugin to do this, but it is really quite simple in wordpress...

From your wordpress dashboard select Appearance=>Customize=>Site title, then just upload an image at the very bottom under Site title.

To set your icon you may have to scroll the sidebar down to see it, that's why I missed it.

For good training on setting your Site icon and creating a Logo if you don't have one yet see this link by LynneHuy...

The only thing I would do different than Lynne shows here is to download your graphic from Canva as a jpg instead of png. Pretty sure jpg is better compressed.

Hope this helps, Alex

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