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I'm at the point in the WA training where I am researching Affiliate programs to offer products and services on my website.I'm busting at the seams with excitement with what I found for my Christianty niche.At first I thought I would recommend Christian Movie DVDs, but now I have found an Affiliate program to offer streaming Christian movies and programming.The Christian movie streaming opportunity is great because I can offer streaming subsscriptions with a risidual - make a commision everytim
Well it's not my birthday yet, that's Nov 2, but I am wrapping up the WA Level 2 Online Cert training so here is an update...So far, I am ecstatic about the high level and easy to follow information in the training presented at WA.2 Critiques1 Some (important to me) Details are not covered as you go through the Online Certification Training modules.2 Looking for the answers to those details with the search tool CAN lead to some very poor user created training so newbies beware. I have found mos
I really had to hunt around to find the right training to set my favicon or Site icon that shows up in the little tabs at the top of a browser. I found some poor user training suggesting you needed html or a plugin to do this, but it is really quite simple in wordpress...From your wordpress dashboard select Appearance=>Customize=>Site title, then just upload an image at the very bottom under Site title.To set your icon you may have to scroll the sidebar down to see it, that's why I missed
Just went premium and bought 3 domains. WooHooHi, I'm a newbie so you may not want to listen to me, but I have this method of always working on 2 projects at the same time that goes back to my electrical engineering days which was very effective.The reason you want 2 projects going at the same time is to avoid BURNOUT. If you get sick of writing about, or working on, or you get stuck on Project 1 you can switch over to Project 2 and work on it for awhile. 3 Projects at the same time may be poss