2017 Goals!

Last Update: December 28, 2016

Hi Guys, WIth 2016 coming to an end i thought id make some goals for myself to achieve here on WA in 2017

Ive been here for 6 months now and I'd love to achive these goals by May/June/July time next year.

  • Have 120 posts on my site
  • 1200 comments on my site
  • Achieve my first month where i can pay for the monthly subsciption
  • Gain 250 Followers on Google+ (Currently on 25)
  • Gain 250 Followers on Twitter (Currently on 50)
  • Have a Second Site Up and Running with at least 30 writen posts
  • Create an Ebook for my site

What do you think guys? Let me know what you think of the goals ive created

Theres probably alot more goals i should look to achive next year but there the ones that i can think of at the moment. Ill update this list in time

Ill keep you guys posted on what happens

Have a Happy New Year everyone! :)


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tgifwwjd Premium
Impressive. Still foreign to me, but they sound great.
tec2man Premium
If you have the additional time, those are great goals. You've done well so far so keep going. That's how you do it.
kasage00 Premium
Good work!
joshua1999 Premium
Thank you Karin!
MKearns Premium
Great work Joshua!
joshua1999 Premium
Thanks Michael!
MarseanM Premium
Great Goals
joshua1999 Premium
Cheers Marsean!
MarseanM Premium