Can Content Curation Benefit you and your Business - The Pros and Cons.

Last Update: December 07, 2014

Can Content Curation Benefit you and your Business - The Pro and Cons.

There is a lot of "buzz" going on, on using curated content for a blog.

Exactly what is content curation.

Content curation is finding and sharing other people's content with your readers.

When your on Facebook you do it all the time by sharing and liking content with your friends.This is probably done without marketing in mind, but we can of course use content curation as a marketing strategy.

The three stages of content curation.

  1. Research content
  2. Analyze the content
  3. Curate the content
3 must have elements of a curated article.
  • Article title.

Create a catchy article title with a benefit or one that promises a desired knowledge.

  • Your intro commentary.

A very important piece of your article. This is where to add value for your readers. Here you introduce your curated content and comment on it.

You can provide your own opinion, other opinions: controversy or entertaining.

  • Your content sources.

Use at least 3 content sources with their article title in headings, a article snippet in quotes to show it is from the article source, a source image linked to the source, the source link to credit the owner.

Summarise your article to add even more value and you can also build in a cal to action here.

What are the pros of content curation.

  • Make things clear and bright for your visitor.

The is so much content stretched out over the internet so people get overwhelmed and can not really find what they are looking for. Not helped by a search engine which is showing results based on certain preferences. So you are, in fact doing a great job for your readers: finding the content they are looking for.

  • Providing value for your reader.

Focus only on quality content for your reader which they would probably not have found without you.

  • Building trust.

By delivering quality content, you build trust with your visitors so they want to come back to your site. You want it to be the place to go for new content in your nice. you want to be recognized as the expert in your nice, especially important when you are promoting products.

  • Improve your SEO.

When done right content curation can improve your SEO. Google is after fresh content, you provide that by a constantly updated blog. This does not mean it has to be your own content only.

Content Curation Cons.

  • You have to do it right or do not do it at al.

Do not use automated curation by software. It adds no value for your readers it only gets them more confused.

  • Do not depend on content creation alone.

It might look a quick way to produce content, but when done right you have to do your research and your own thoughts on the subject to add value.Find a balance in what you are doing, only use it when you can add real value in my opinion.

What is your opinion on content curation?

Are you using it or not?

Can you add more pros or cons.

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land207 Premium
Josh..I have not used content curation and I am not sure if I will. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your content.
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Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing. :)