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Can Content Curation Benefit you and your Business - The Pro and Cons. There is a lot of "buzz" going on, on using curated content for a blog. Exactly what is content curation. Content curation is finding and sharing other people's content with your readers. When your on Facebook you do it all the time by sharing and liking content with your friends.This is probably done without marketing in mind, but we can of course use content curation as a marketing strategy. The three stages of content cur
Are you suffering from writer's block from time to time? 5 Tips to make things easier for you. You have to write a new article on a subject and you are stuck! You are like the famous actor who has to decide on a new script after his latest success movie. The woodworker who has to make a design for the new cabinet he wants to make. The artist looking for inspiration for his new piece of art. They all struggle from time to time, just like you who want to write a new article. Give yoursel
If you ask anybody who has a business this question you probably get this answer: Make Money. A lot of times they add: Of course. It is the most common rule of business philosophy, but is it the right intention for your business to start with. The word intention is defined as an aim that guides action. You could flip this around and say that all past actions were preceded by an intention. So if your intention is to make money than your actions will be the outcome of that intention. Now what is