The Site Feedback Platform is.

Last Update: December 05, 2017

I didn't truly know the efficiency of the site feedback platform until I actually used it to get some perspectives on some of my reviews and let me tell you. The kind of feedback you can get on some of your reviews is really powerful and it made me realise that everything you can get on this wealthy affiliate system for the price makes it worth the price 5 times over.

If you are expecting to generate revenue and you aren't getting other eyes on your reviews to check out how helpful they are to get people to buy products, you are neglecting a big opportunity to get edge over your competition. If you provide everything you can possibly know about a product, even more than Amazon. You are sure to get sales once you get up the rankings at google. What some people told me were absolute gems to add to my product reviews.

The more information you can get in about a product, the better it will impact your sales. I encourage everyone to get regular feedback on their reviews to expand it beyond what your own eyes can see.

Thankyou and blessings to all of the people on WA who allow me to spot mistakes and things and improvements which I would never be able to see.

Peace :D x

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Sftat Premium
Mirrors are unreliable tools on a good day, Josh. Feedback is golden, as it sees what I can't. I'm willing to take 2 or 3 "It's really awesome..." feedbacks for one "here are 2 things that can make it better...". If we trade, I promise to find improvement opportunities. That's why we are here.
JoshEllery Premium
Definitely, I like a feedback simon cowell style. You can criticize my website to pieces as long as you give me some good feedback :P
JasonLo Premium
Where exactly is this site feedback platform located... haha I have not finished the course yet just still looking.
JoshEllery Premium
if you click on the site rubix button below live chat, it is the 6th button down on the list
Kyle Premium Plus
It is definitely a powerful platform to get extra eyes on your work. Sometimes we overlook things when we are creating our content, designing our websites/pages/posts and positioning our promotions and sales pages.

Having a focus group is very powerful, in particular with a wide subset of different skill levels and people with different types of life experiences (and online experiences).

We also have some awesome updates slated for the SiteFeedback platform.
JoshEllery Premium
Definitely, Kyle. Thankyou for creating it:-)