This is getting ridiculous!

Last Update: October 05, 2013

Along the way in my time at WA my rank has slowly ticked upwards. I eventually got into the 100s Super exciting!

Then I managed to break that 100 barrier! What an event! Then I even hit 75!

75 out of all the thousands that are here, that is amazing! I am amazed....

Then last week it ticked up to 65! 65! OMG!

It got to the point whenevery time I logged on I was relieved to see that it hadn't changed. "Stop liking my posts!" I was yelling at the screen. I had cut back my commenting, only contributing when I thought it was important. I haven't made any training or resources, why was I of all things reaching today ....60!

People will start thinking I know what I am doing! I do to a point but I don't think that my rank reflects my internet marketing abilities or current success.

I guess I am trying to say that your success is better measured by the performances of your websites than your WA rank. It is not something I personally think you should be focusing on.

I think you should think of it like you do in your business, your prime focus is helping people. If you concentrate on this as your priority then your business can only succeed. If you concentrate on helping people here, participating to a level that you are comfortable with then you ranking will likely increase. It should be a pleasant side effect. That is what I think at the moment anyway :) I would love to know what you think about it, disagree or back me up or have a completely different idea.

I only ask that you don't press the like button.

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Angelsway Premium
Sorry josh, I liked...... look at me for God's sake he he. I am at 35 lol. I honestly don't go looking at it. I'm the onr always looking for help. Josh you have helped me a lot. Thank you.I think the mere fact that you want to learn and help people along the way is what gives yo a shove up the ladder.I would love to help you guys, but I'm a bit afraid that it would be the wrong advice. Jeeze, imagine if I gave the wrong advice and someone acted on it and their website was wiped out ? I'd be kicked out and flogged lol. Enjoy josh. You should be way ahead of me lol wanna swop?
Josh Perks Premium
Heck no! I am quite happy at 58. You guys are in so much trouble!
That's great. I would love to get that kind of ranking but I am little busy right now. Hope next month I will be able to give you stiff competition.
Shmizer Premium
Good for you Josh, I know how you feel. I've only been here for a week and a half and I'm rank 398 somehow.

While I do agree that one should definitely not make raising their WA rank to a higher level their main focus, I also feel that in a way it does reflect your success, or potential success on you actual website, in that it shows that of all the thousands of people on WA, you are that much more engaged, committed, and involved in the program and training.

Now that, is something to be proud of.

and oh yeah, that "like" you see there, you can thank me for that ;)

Keep it up Josh. You obviously got what it takes.
Josh Perks Premium
I'm blaming you too! Don't think you are getting off scot free.

I agree that there is some correlation between rank and success or potential of success.
It may be rather different for those promoting WA I suppose, a better ranking and supply of helpful resources for the people they brought here is a good follow through and continuation of service to those folks.
xcfastdude Premium
Hmm press the like button? Don't mind if I do! jk :)
Josh Perks Premium
Does no one listen!? I'm blaming you if I get to 59!
Poetman Premium
I have not paid much attention to rank, only to absorb that lower number =better. Why? I don't know. The more people that pay attention to your posts and the more you read and comment on what *they* wrote is what earn you the comments, the followers, etc. And if you are on WA every day yeah-your rank goes up though the numbers drop. Odd, but true...