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September 08, 2014
I have just cracked 500 followers here at WA. I would like to say thank you to everyone that is following me and I hope it's been worth it :)
September 02, 2014
I am living at home with my parents, sister, wife and young child. The TV is on most of the time for one person or another, space is limited and the best way to separate my self is to keep updated with spotify. ( a fantastic music app which I recommend anyone to go and find, I have no affiliations with them at all I hasten to add ) So headphones on and away I go to write my next long awaited article. I have worked with music and in silence before and I still don't know which I prefer. It seems
This is just a very quick post firstly to apologise to all my followers that I haven't spoken to. I don't say hi to everyone and for that I apologise. Secondly I would like to know why you chose to follow me. What is that made you think.. "Oh, I'll follow him." Apart from my amazingly handsome good looks that is. Goes with out saying.
So eventually finished draft one of getting started and threw it up on my page. I would appreciate a scan over of it and please point out anything missing or factually wrong (god forbid) Any one able to flick through it and comment back here?
I am working on my getting started page in bootcamp. Oh dear goodness! Any chance of a whole training article on this someone? I started off pretty good, then veered off into traffic putting all sorts of stuff in there. Its like I have picked a bunch of paragraphs from my website in the future and jumbled them up together. I want to keep them as they are good (imvho) if not for the getting started page then for some other post. I have been messing about with this page for days I tell you! Must
June 19, 2014
I have been away for a bit but now I am back. "Hooray!" I hear you all shout. "Yay! Josh is back!" more likely "Oh yeah him, I thought he went a big quiet." or "Who?" While I was away I learned some things, things I don't think I would have learned at WA. A few things became a little more concrete in my mind and then I came back here. I am looking forward to "getting back to normal" doing some more learning and some more doing.
February 27, 2014
So I have a part time job, or at least a few hours a week most weeks. Yay for me :) I also have a web related job coming up, loading product/stock information onto a local website. Interesting indeed. I have no idea how much to charge. Any clue anyone?
I am in a strange place at the moment. Well not so much strange as strained. Money is tight and the overdraft is ballooning. Not in the "drifting peacefully over the early morning countryside" kind of way either. My wife is adamant I quit as she really doesn't think I should be paying to learn how to run my business especially given the less than $5 I have made so far. Pointing out how much a bricks and mortar business would cost to run is not worth doing a third time. And yet things are lookin
October 05, 2013
Along the way in my time at WA my rank has slowly ticked upwards. I eventually got into the 100s Super exciting! Then I managed to break that 100 barrier! What an event! Then I even hit 75! 75 out of all the thousands that are here, that is amazing! I am amazed.... Then last week it ticked up to 65! 65! OMG! It got to the point whenevery time I logged on I was relieved to see that it hadn't changed. "Stop liking my posts!" I was yelling at the screen. I had cut back my commenting, only contrib
September 17, 2013
Technically I have been here for longer than a whole month. I spent some time on the free membership learning the basics and got sucked in with the cheap first month of premium offer :) What a scam! I felt so scammed that I have carried on to the second payment. As I was checking my bank account I saw it had gone out as expected and realised that I was one month in. I have been working on my site and attending Wabinars, checking out training, chatting in chat, looking at and making blog posts