Made my first sale. I'm open for business!

Last Update: July 26, 2018

Wow it's been an amazing journey thus far. I started from scratch with the training really not knowing anything about this at all. Not only that, but I've never been much of a tech savvy person other than the fact I learned to type in highschool because I took a class.

I went from knowing absolutely noting to:

Starting a website and building it to look pretty.

Learning how to use keyword search engines.

Learning how to insert images

First learning to hyperlink

Finally realizing that there is a "text" button in word press to insert html code (omg I was blind).

Making quite a few lengthy posts as I was instructed.

Getting indexed in google.

Using Social Media Platforms and Networking with them

Making my first couple bucks with Google Adsense.

Making My first two sales with Amazon Affiliate.

Wow guys. I've only been here a month. Here that might not be a "profit" but I have BJJ merchandise (the niche I blog about) on it's way in the mail that's $100 value and I've emailed with other manufacturere who may be willing to work with me in the future!

I didn't think I could do it and you guys helped me believe and I see it slowly happening. As far as I was concerned the 50 bucks a month to join wealthy affiliate wasn't gonna kill me. Now before I even got through my first month my tuition is technically already paid off. I was going to buy a new rashguard and fight shorts for jiu jitsu anyway and I got it for free.

Lol I'm kind of overwhelmed. When you've lived a life not thinking great things are possible for yourself things seem too good to be true, except it's not. It takes the work except you're not simply paid week to week or month to month. It's conversions. Every post I make on my website means more people are going to click on it. My jaw is dropping because I know I'm building something great. Something Honest, and something that will make my dreams come true.

Those first few pennies I was so eager to get when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate are already happening! It's almost too soon. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme but it most certainly a "get rich" way of life.

I'm combining my passion for writing within my passion for jiu jitsu and I feel great. The life I desire where I just train jiu jitsu all day and write an article here or there maybe once a week is unfolding. Jiu Jitsu is going to be my full time job and I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for making that dream possible! Thanks so much guys. Means the world. I don't even know how to pay you back.

Thanks Kyle and Carson for teachhing me with the videos

Special Thanks to Kyle! I've messaged this dude countless times with questions and he never once got impatient or short with me. You have my deepest gratitude. May the cosmos bless you with all its gifts my friend.

Most of All, Thank you guys. The community here at Wealthy Affiliate. You guys were quick to respond to my questions when I was in the middle of writing an article on several occassions. You guys are awesome. It's not about a ranking for me. Whatever your motives are for helping others doesn't matter to me. Thanks for helping out the new guy. It's definitely starting to pay off for me and I really hope that good karma follows you guys as well!

As the guys in jiu jitsu say. I'll say to all of you. OSS!

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merlynmac Premium
Awesome man!
Jonathan40 Premium
No. you're awesome man! Top 200 bro. Good job. Hustlin like a stud I see! You deserve it!
I'm glad to hear that everything is going well for you , I am just starting so this is all very encouraging for me and inspires me in reaching my goals.
Thank you!
Jonathan40 Premium
It can surely happen. I saw this dude on here who sold like two websites in a month. One was for well over 100 g's and I think the other was like 25 stacks or something of the sort. Blew my mind people were making this kind of killing from something so fun. That gave me inspiration. I'm just a dude making pennies right now after a month working at it. Wealth and passive income surely can happen with this but it definitely does take A LOT of action to even get the site looking pretty. Don't give up. It's difficult because it's worth it.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Jonathan. You have done the hard yards, my friend. you have listened and learned and get going and it is you that is creating your future. Be proud of what you have achieved thus far as it is only to become greater for you as you have the right attitude and energy to be very successful on and offline
All the very best to you Jonathan
Jonathan40 Premium
Thanks a bunch for the support and kind words. I know for a fact our actions create our future because I've created crappy futures in the past for myself! lol. We learn from our mistakes though. That's the whole point, That's why we're here. Learn from our mistakes and bend reality to our will!

I'm "technically making earnings" I'm definitely keeping positive in how I look at things but the day I truly break out of my imaginary glass enclosure will be the day I see a real actual check in the mail or direct deposit in my bank account from affiliate marketing. I'm gonna stay listening to you guys. Don't give up. Believe in yourself, and you will succeed.

I'm not afraid of failure! If I was I would have quit jiu jitsu a long time ago. I'm super grateful for the life I lived. Jiu Jitsu taught me struggle and taught me I can achieve anything if I'm willing to believe in myself and take action. I'm not perfect. Still super critical of myself but overcoming ourselves and our weaknesses are part of the life journey.

Thanks so much for the follows everyone!

Vicki3-A powerful secret they kept from people for millenia is that you'll only go as far as you believe you can go. You whilst not go any farther. So always reach high!
Godsmack12 Premium
Rock that success bro.
Jonathan40 Premium
Stay metal my friend.
mottomoerai Premium
Hi Jonathan!
This is remarkable. You have just started in a while but you are already earning.
Keep it up and success is on your way.
Jonathan40 Premium
Thanks dude. Appreciatecha! I certainly hope so. Admittedly I've worked so much at this my jiu jitsu skills are taking somewhat of a downfall. This is why I have such a rush mindset. Lol if I miss a day of training everybody gets better and I don't. This means when I go back everybody beats me up lol.

Same thing happened here. I took some time away from WA. I went to train more BJJ and my ranking got worse on the website. You gotta take it with a grain of salt. No human can continue forever without rest. Recoup and get back. A lot of times when you get back after pushing it to the limit you're better and faster.

Hopefully I'll be moving out of my day job sooner rather than later and making a full time income with this.

Good luck to your business. Wish you the best. Keep me in you network dude.