Harry and the Snitch ( Niche )

Last Update: September 29, 2012
Hello. I feel like Harry Potter, the Gryffindor Seeker, on his Nimbus 2000 trying to find the elusive "snitch-niche" To those unfamiliar with Harry Potter, sorry, no more Hogwart's references, but I'm sure you get the idea. Niche( nitch) Niche( neesh) Niche( nish) Oh, how I have come to loathe the word, in all its incarnations, in only a few, short, Free Trial days.
Everyone has been very, very helpful but the light bulb has remained dim. Please allow me to try your patience a little more.
I don't want anyone to do the work for me. No free ideas. I'm not a fisherman nor a poacher.
I totally understand the" follow your interests or passions". I have lived my life that way, for better or worse, but, unless we're talking about a specific product, I don't see how the interests are linked to selling for affiliates. In my mind my interests don't directly correlate with selling any products. Even after drilling down.
For example, if I write content about acting or Shakespearean acting or Filmmaking or Psychic Phenomena or Baseball or Sherlock Holmes etc, even after drilling down, how do I make money from that? How do I translate them into the paradigm exhibited on the "Making Money" Template( Lesson 3 (?)) where people come through your website to buy something from Amazon,e.g., that you recommended to them? Is it just the limited nature of my subject matter interests or am I missing something else here.? Unless I want to just sell some books or sporting equipment.........
I also understand that if you find ANY niche that is greatly needed AND under-supplied, one can learn more about the subject as one pursues the revenue but I see that as a little more advanced. I would like to start with something I love to talk about. I would like to stay "fired up" in my own juices for now. I am a very passionate person. Anything less is difficult for me.
I am also gifted both verbally and on the page but you probably can't tell from this missive. My confusion permeates my ramble. I sound tedious to myself. But that's all I have for now. Any help, as always, is appreciated.....Thank you for listening.

John T.
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JohnWT Premium
You folks are wonderful. Thank you so much.
@RICH. Premium
Hi John.

I tried to answer a similar conundrum a few days ago here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/chelc/blog/what-the-niche

A quick search of the current Amazon product list reveals:

Acting: 22,793
Shakespearean Acting: 1,649
Filmmaking: 144,209
Psychic Phenomena: 9,721
Baseball: 123,251
Sherlock Holmes: 15,015

Hopefully you should be able to find a few items in each category that you are happy to endorse and you'll be comfortable promoting!


rileyb78 Premium
You could talk about it on youtube and earn revenue from views...
Labman Premium
Well, take Shakespearean Acting, There are several movies available, a couple of PBS series on Shakespeare, multiple options for purchasing copies of the plays both free on Kindle and hardcopy. These can all be made available to your readers as you either review the efforts of the various actors or discuss the merits of the various Plays. All from Amazon.

Film-making has several books and some courses available for sale. These may be good or bad. You might promote or review some of these.
The point is to connect with your audience, identify what their interests are. Do they want to learn to make films or documentaries. Are they wanting to get into Hollywood behind the scenes? Only you can make the determination as to what it is that your reader's are trying to learn or find. When you have that level of connection, make your site the place to go to get the answer. You can promote other's products or even create your own.
rileyb78 Premium
What about selling these types of costumes?
rileyb78 Premium
What are your hobbies? What was the last thing you bought online?