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March 01, 2020
This is going to be a very short post !!!Are you ready for this?the other day I was listening to the radio while working on a job at a friends business. I was listening to the radio that had been tuned to a country station.Now I have nothing against country I even learned how to 2 step many years ago and I was very good at it.i decided not to turn the station to my favorite station cause this is the station that the workers like to listen to and I didn't want to mess with it.All of a sudden th
February 28, 2020
Yes, Google hosed me ! Well, actually they gave me a brand new pair of socks robin egg blue with city scenes on them .Now how did I deserve a pair of socks from Google? Well when you volunteer your time to write reviews on restaurants and businesses they said they really appreciate it and as a gesture of thanks they sent me a pair of socks.The funny thing is that I owe it all to WA ! yes, WA, because a few years aho I didn't even know anything about how to make a website.I still need to learn a
I have been a big tennis fan for years.Roger Federer the Swedish super star has won more grand slams then anyone. However, in a year or less the Serbian super star Jokovic could eclipse him and the Spanish super star Nadal.That is not the story here. The story is while I was watching the recent Autralian Open in January I heard a reporter mention an interview with Federer.The reporter asked Roger Federer to what do you attribute your success ?Roger said 3 things,1. listen, he always listens to
A different kind of ContentI like to post about motivating or funny and unusual story's. This is a true story of my client who became a friend, Bruce.Now Bruce was educated as a civil engineer, and has also taught math and has read many books. There is not to many things Bruce does not have some knowledge of. I hope after you read about Bruce you will be motivated to write more. Bruce had graduated from university with a degree and got a job with the city.This was easy, can you spell nepotism ?
This is a funny story from my past. When I was a young boy we played tag, kick the can, hide-and-seek, climbed trees, made forts, played baseball, soccer and looked for really good cherry trees ! Actually any low hanging fruit would have done but cherries were are favorite.I still love cherries today and every summer I buy bags of them when there in season.When we were kids we knew every cherry tree within a 6 block radius of our home but there was one tree nobody could get a cherry from. All
January 20, 2019
People are reeding my reviews A few years ago google asked me to write a review , so I started writing revies for restaurants, hotels , places of interest etc even my my registered massage therapist. Most of my reviews are restaurants. One restaurant in particular has the best pancakes, even as I write this my mouth is starting to salivate, it's a pavlov thing.So, I wrote a review about how I have eaten a lot of pancakes but these have a taste that are unlike anything I have tasted.Well, a w
January 03, 2019
Ghost in the Mall bathroom !I finally get to tell my ghost story as I promised a W.A. member a few weeks ago.It was about 15 years ago I had a contract to renovate 8 bathrooms in a mall.I had to install new commercial lino tiles and paint all these bathrooms.It was a lot of tiles and paint and the work had to be done after 5pm.So, my wife wanted to go with me to keep me company and also help a bit. It was on the 2nd floor of a 3 story mall that I started on the ladies' washroom.Now when you lay
Well, I finally finished lesson 2 and it was a good learning experience ! An education is something that they can't take away from you.I learned that I must keep commenting on other sites as it will help others and myself.As Kyle says pay it forward and Robert our WA friend says onward and upward so true !I am so amazed at all the fantastic looking sites out there and can hardly wait to start on lesson 3 the money making site.I can't believe how much value for the dollar WA is. You can't find a
Just finishing lesson # 2It's kind of hard doing something when it's all new specially when it's about working with computers.I'am more of a hands on person, physical things come to me a lot easier. Like soccer and baseball as a kid I was really good at sports I think I may have had something to do with several of my teams going to the finals.If you read my bio will see I have had several jobs in my life.Presently I do renovating and home repairs, some people call me magic man. After doing prop
August 26, 2018
Many years ago, I met a very attractive lady who had a degree in psychology. She had a job looking after young teenagers in a 1/2 way house. These boys would be reintroduced into society when their behaviour changed for the better, less violent hopefully.They did not have respect for her even though she used all of her training , she even would bake muffins for them but they called her names.One day the funding ran out and she lost her job and had to find work quickly or what little savings sh