Best Affiliate Programs With High Commission - Part 2


Ok, as I got so much possitive feedback on my last post named Best Affiliate Programs With High Commission I figured I would make a new one and call it part 2 :) I hope you will like this one even more... I DO :)

If you want to know the answer to the question (according to me) the answer is that the program/community you are on right now is among the top ones as it both teaches you how to success with WHATEVER affiliate program you would choose to promote...

Also, the affiliate program itself in this community (That YOU are on NOW) is a great one as it creates reccuring commissions for you.

Keep in mind that even if you haven´t take the bootcamp here you can make reccuring commissions anyway.

I know my spelling is a total mess :)

I made a post recently about that topic, you can read it here if you want:

...That can actually be something to keep in mind, you probably want many income streams instead of just one, right?

By The Way... Today Was A Pretty Good Day :) (See below)

I have blurred out my lastname and the person who bought the products name but pretty good day as this is over $830 from only 2 income streams... I haven´t even checked my other sources :)

IMPORTANT TO MENTION: I Do NOT Show This To Brag But Just Want To Show You (Especially Newbies) What´s Possible

I am very happy with todays results, as a matter of fact I haven´t even worked much today... just posted some stuff on my different instagram accounts, answered some comments but not more... It was a lazy day :) Was to the gym though and watched a fotball game (Barcelona-Juventus)... Barcelona lost :(

Anyway.. Hope this can help someone to get "motivation" or more correct an understanding on what it really is that you are learning here in this community...

It is simply an amazing place you have found here and I strongly suggest you grab it and make something out of it...

Don´t try to make it happen... Instead MAKE it happen.

So what are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below :)

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Very encouraging and good validation that WA long as we work. Thanks. Debbie

Exactly, it is up to us

good work!

Thank you appreciate it!

I would be more than happy with results like that. Like, I would be dancing if that was me. Dancing and singing. Dancing and singing... with a drink in each hand.
Yeah. I'd be pretty happy.

Edit: Just out of curiosity, what kind of commission do your programs offer? Kyle has said that some go as high as 70% (which seems crazy and illogical) and I have seen other members here who say that they won't work for less than 50%

The programs that I have found, however, all hover around the 5-8% mark. Others are as low as 3% and some offer a flat rate of about 6 dollars.

Just curious. I don't need names/ niches. I just would like an idea.

Lol! Dancing with drinks Hahaha liked that one. Have you tried. Clickbank ?

No, so far, I have joined Amazon and one other program that I found by searching my niche + affiliate program. That one I joined through ShareASale, which I have since been using to locate others, but with the results listed above.

Good results.

Thank you

Hello John,

Thanks for sharing this !

How are you ?

You're a fan of Barcelona I see !

Yoy remind me a Spanishguy that introduced me to WA ?


Have a nice day !




I realy mean it !

Are you twins ?


Congrats John!

Thank you brother, appreciate that

That's a fantastic day I'm going to have days like that thank you

Exactly! That is the spirit :)

Thank-you for sharing.

Thanks for your comment

Interesting... Always looking for more $ avenues

Glad you found it interesting and thank you forr your comment

Seems like a affiliate program with products I would never recommend, that's why they pay high commision for each sale you make...

No offence.

Lol! You know the biggest commissions on those screenshoots are from the affiliate program you are on right now?

No offence


I am not on the affiliate program, I am on the website which provides courses and lessons about affiliate marketing.

They have a part where you can be their affiliate link, but of course I wouldn't ever recommend their affiliate program.
Courses and lessons sure, but not their affiliate program.

I hope you get the idea of what is an affiliate program and a website with lessons and courses :)
So you can't say I am on the affiliate program.


Not sure IF I understand What you mean. Do you think IT is a bad thing to promote WA? Because the reason why you are here are (mist likely) through an affiliate Link..

Why do you think the whole community is here through an affiliate link?
Then this community would be even worse...

It's not everything about affiliate program here mate :)

Lol! I didn´t say absolutely everyone was here through an affiliate link but most of us are and what is wrong with that? It is not like you pay the affiliate for brininging you here.

In fact, pretty much every time that you buy something online someone is making an affiliate commission wheter you know about it or not... What is wrong with that?

It is not like you pay a higher price, it is the company that the affiliate is affiliated with that pays that money and not the person who buys the product (that you get a commission from)

Also, if a person whant´s to rent a jet for example and are looking for that... If he then goes ahead and rent it through your link you would make a HUGE commission... What is wrong with that?

He was looking for it in the first place... and you (most likely) provided him with some info or value so he went through and buy it through your link...

I agree. I am sorry, I was just yanking your balls earlier :D all good mate

Lol! no problem, apology accepted :)

Anyway, I saw that you are new here, what is your story?

Do you have experience from affiliate, or any kind of internet marketing before?

Personally I started out here with absolutely zero experience and this place made the whole difference.

I have joined WA about a month ago, and I had purchased a premium for a month.
After that month I didn't purchase premium for another month so my account is frozen until I do so.

That's why I am using this account now. My real account is under nickname lemyy.

I haven't had any experience at all. I knew a little bit about blogging that I have learned from re-searches but there is so many information out there, so I decided to join WA when I have seen courses and lessons which are step by step. Also when I have seen how awesome and great this community is and how amazing people are here.

I own a website (iAppleRebel. com) and I am currently finishing course 5.

It's going good so far, my website is only 1 month and 9 days old, so I am happy about it. I know it's a long process but I am all motivated and doing even a little steps everyday towards becoming successful.

Great talk! :p

Ok that´s great!

I did have a look on your website now and I could tell just after a minute that you are putting in the effort and are serious about this.

Great design and very clean and professional look on your site also :)

Great start!

/Keep making progress

Thanks for having a look at my site and giving me feedback.

I am motivated even more than I was the first day.

So far I am happy with the progress, although there is a lot more to come and a lot more time to pass :)

Thanks mate, have a great evening!

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