Motivation A Must Have for Success

Last Update: June 24, 2016

I apologize for giving a personal story, I hope it helps motivate someone to reach their goal.

A little over 13 years ago we had a beautiful granddaughter born into our family. She was little and look very normal, but shortly after her birth; he was on a medical air flight headed for Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

A few days after her birth she had to have open heart surgery. After many test they discovered that she had multiple deletions in chromosome 6. They did not expect her to live for very long, and they told us that if she did live she would never be any more than an infant.

She has undergone 13 major operations in her short lifespan.

With a wonderful treatment and dedication of the doctors and nurses and Vanderbilt Hospital and last but definitely not least, the prayers of people all over the world. She has survived and bring in a lot of happiness and joy to all of those around her.

The doctor were wrong about two things.

First of all, she is still alive, and an enormous blessing in our family.

Secondly, she is much more than an infant.

She cannot feed herself, cannot walk, able to speak very few words, but she has a smile and a laugh that will melt anyone's heart.

She gives hugs and she gives kisses and she is an enormous part of our family.

Sometimes she has to be fed by tube feeding. Because something in her brain causes her to stop eating. No one understands why.

She must be fed special food and has many visits to the hospital yet she has one of the best attitudes that you could ever expect to see.

She is the primary motivation for me It is building a business online. By building this business and succeeding in gives me a better means of providing for needs and her happiness. I intend for as long as I live for this young lady to have ever pleasure ever desire fulfilled that is within my reach.

Talk about motivation, I have it.

Without motivation, very little would be accomplished in this world. The right motivation calls you to do the things that you do not like to do or enjoy doing necessarily but you do them because you know this is a way of accomplishing whatever your goal is.

Motivation we get you through the hard times it will cause you to press on and we give you confidence that you can accomplish whatever you desire.

Everybody is motivated by different things, for some it just plain old greed, for others it is satisfaction of knowing they have accomplished something, and for others it is just a means of survival.

One thing is for certain without the proper motivation we will never get anywhere in this life.

If you cannot get excited about the task, then there is no need of starting. Without a certain goal in mind and a plan to reach that goal you are doomed to fail.

Success requires planning, desire, and being determined to overcome any and every obstacle that will be placed in your way.

Many millionaires of today they say have been bankrupt as many as three or four times.

It is all about desire, how much do you want it. How much of your time and effort are you willing to spend to reach your goal.

I am motivated, I will succeed,

Good luck, best wishes, and God bless.

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KatieMac Premium
lovely post and very moving I wish you all the best with your efforts our grandchildren bring such joy and blessings to our lives
john1955 Premium
MPollock Premium
Great post.
GlenPalo Premium
Personal stories are the best kind of motivation. Thanks for sharing John!
HarveyBrown Premium
Very nice John and motivating. Your Grand-daughter is an inspiration for all of us.
john1955 Premium
thank you
JudeP Premium
Oh my word - you certainly have the motivation, right there! I hope that the little one goes from strength to strength, she sounds an absolute joy to have in your lives :)