Putting training ideas to work!

Last Update: October 06, 2018

Hopping onto the live training last night helped me realize a new way to get to work! Now, I am just in the 2nd module and am writing my second post. Slowly learning about wordpress, keywords, etc.

But guess what? My inexperience didn't stop me from asking a photographer that I met today if he has a website. (He doesn't) and it didn't stop me from informing him that I am in a training intensive and can let him know as soon as I am ready to build his website for him! He started patting himself down to hand me a business card!

We don't have any firm plans, but I made a new contact today and have a potential customer for designing/mantaining a website! So cool--I hadn't even considered using WA for those purposes! (hence live training and comment section!)

Guess I need to make up some business cards myself!

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Johanna, the live training is a real plus and real value-add for our membership fees.

That is an excellent way to create some income, best wishes.

Speaking of business cards this is an excellent resource, " eVaunt " lets us create a digital business card for ourselves, or our company's employees, with a unique web page address and a simple, responsive design optimized for viewing on mobile devices ".


Ideal if we get that unexpected inquiry, just email or SMS and the prospective client has it directly into their phone.
Johanna29 Premium
Thanks Alex, I will check it out :)
HarveyBrown Premium
Well done Johanna, there are so many branches to this that you can always find an alternate way of making money.
MKearns Premium
That's awesome getting a client for web development, Johanna!
Eli47 Premium
Way to go, Johanna.
Vickic3 Premium
Awesome work and such a proactive take on WA and how you can create some amazing income
Well done Johanna - Good thinking :)