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Last Update: October 17, 2018

After some "productive procrastination" (how's that euphamism for ya?) I finally completed my second post! There are still some other life things that I have to work on, but it feels great to push through and finish that post! Also it said that I have written more than 81% of WA people this month...am I really in that high of a percentile? Well if I am then I feel special :)

Here's to carrying on without being negative about missing a deadline from last week!

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IMTim Premium
Your thoughts are encouraging to others who have struggled to find their writers voice! Thanks for sharing, Cheers
Johanna29 Premium
You're welcome. Thanks for reading my blog :)
HarveyBrown Premium
Lol, productive procrastination is really an oxymoron, but I understand what you are saying. Keep pushing forward Johanna.
TommyVTE Premium
Hi Johanna, life is keep pushing forward and you will find a way to fit in your daily tasks.
Have a great day
Kyle Premium Plus
As time goes on, you are only going to become more and more efficient with all aspects of your business, including your content Johanna.

Keep up the great work!
cliffyb79 Premium
It's all good. Life does get in the way sometimes. The important thing is your still moving forward.