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Last Update: May 14, 2022


I have a very dear friend of mine who is not doing very well and doesn't have a smile on their face, so I gave them one of mine. Do what you can for others in need!

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It is always beneficial to give to others what we can whenever we can do so Joe!

I hope that your friend is pulling through in a positive direction my friend and that you are also doing well too! :-)

Thanks Nick, always appreciated. Stay well yourself :)

Thanks my friend.. I am doing my best to do so under the current circumstances!! :-))

Prayers coming, smiles fix a multitude of things and look very good on the ladies. I smile at them just to get them to smile back at me.

Praying for my brother for the same thing, he was doing pretty good after the surgery, but things seem to be going back to where they were before.

You are a great friend, Joe. Keep on sharing your smiles :-)

Very true; I go by what someone told me. "Being nice to make a person's day better, even if you didn't know if they are having a bad day or not, it's still helping out."

Smiles make all the difference, Joseph!

Well done!


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