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Last Update: Sep 12, 2021

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Hello to all who commented on my blog yesterday, thank you. This is not meant to be a retraction to the one person who said it shouldn't have been published. Yes, according to WA rules, we aren't allowed to publish anything religious or politically based. This was not meant, nor intended to be politcally based, but more as historically based. I hope you all understand my point of view on this. Many of us wish others a Happy Easter or Merry Christmas, but aren't these actually religion based if you think about it?
Again, this isn't meant to be a retraction, but I do apologize to anyone who may have taken offense to my blog. Thank you for listening again :)

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Definitely thought it was about history myself...especially as to how it affected you and many others not just here in the states, but in other countries as well.

Ahhh well, some people...guess we can't make everyone happy. Don't let them ruin your day over it.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Best wishes ;) ~Sherry

Thank you Sherry, I'm not letting it ruin anything just sorry for those that disagree. Thanks for for your comment though :)

There was absolutely nothing religious or political in your post yesterday Joe.

If "a certain other" found offence in what you wrote, that is up to them.

People have said it throughout history, "we will never be able to please all the people all of the time" .
Enjoy a great evening my friend.

For you 9/11 was a personally poignant event. Nothing to do with religion or politics… especially not for you.

Thanks you for that Richard :)

Don't border yourself.
Take care, have fun, and enjoy your weekend.

Thank you for that :)

Can't please everyone no matter how you try.

I understand that, but just asking to be real.......

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