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Last Update: Jul 30, 2018

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Communication at Wealthy Affiliates

Communication as the source of communicating

What is communication mean?

In general communication is an interaction, a process of connecting people through news, exchanging information, media, sharing ideas, feelings, speaking, writing, texting, verbal communication, emails and in different form of messages.

How To Work It Out!

To develop this practices, it is important to become a role model of your own.

  • Demonstrate that you fully understand and you also can communicate. ShowIng you are comfortably competent exchanging ideas effectively
  • The starting point is gathering information, since we are wealthy Affiliates and learning in preparation to make money as an Online Business Marketing Entrepreneur
  • Sharing Information through Wealthy Affiliates are the significant ability that WA community has.
  • Sending and Ongoing discussion are the most important in communication
  • Listening is the important part in the communication, poor listening can cause misunderstanding and damage some issues. To understand a message correctly you have to listen actively. In other word listen carefully and actively and tune out your voice and views I In favor of the view to final end.
  • Giving feedback gives you the opportunity to let the sender know you have interested and interpreted the message. It also clarifies the message and giving assurance of the correct meaning was transmitted as it is. The expectations are meet. The quality feedback is the important because it generates and build trusts, engaging relationship between sender and receiver. It also gives insight into how others interacts and how we come across This is why it is very important to provide quality and satisfying feedback. It always serves an instant tool for building relationship in the business.

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  • Raising Questions is a tool in solving problems. It generates motivation towards the tasks. This will involve with strategy questioning and a very useful tool for
  1. Any Information you need?
  2. What do you Observe?
  3. How you feel, your insights?
  4. What is your dreams as your Vision?
  5. Is there anything you need to change?
  6. Is there any alternative options?
  7. What will be consequences of these options?
  8. What involvement you can actually do?
  9. Is there any alternative support and what support you need?
  10. Who you can talk to and reach that action you need.
  11. How are you going to achieve this action as possible?

How to apply

The check list, and evidence there's an absolute understanding of both parties are meet to track down the progress that's a real form of communication.

Well done Wealthy Affiliates community you did the qualifying colors

Here I am applying the knowledge I just acquired at Wealthy Affiliates and give it a final go.

The Information and the Knowledge I gathered from learning process at WA and the data I absorbed and updated is one of my concerns.

The relevant certification, resources, guidelines and information are part of my objectives to move forward

Using the right tools and technologies. Search engine Optimization (SEO)

The valuable price of my hardship, the planning to put together a website shows how I achieved and learned my mission. Applying this method will be my last epic of my determination.

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Thank You for your insight! Every communication connection is a two-way street... Actively engaging and Actively listening.

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