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Last Update: June 27, 2019

Hello WA,

I guess we're up and running now, so a small accomplishment in the books... Not much has happened to my site yet, but at least we've put words into actions now, so let's see how far this ball can run!

I will unfortunately not be able to put down the hours I wish I could the next two weeks, but will do my best to get the site rolling!

All the best,


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Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, nice work and you are definitely putting words into action. Keep that "action" up, it is what leads to the most education and it is what will lead to trial and error (which is part of the process of building a successful business).

Keep us updated moving forward. :)
SaraPoyner Premium
Hi and welcome, Wishing you all the best with your next levels of training and much success on building the content for your new website. Don't worry about the time, there is no race or time limit, Do things in the time you have available. After all you are in charge : )
NewLaurie Premium
Hi Joachim - welcome ... you're off to a great start!

Feel free to ask questions as you continue with your training and website building (I'm happy to help if I can).

Good luck with your new online business!